Meet the Creatives’ Cleaning Company

Clean Hire looks at Two Bettys, the Minneapolis creatives’ cleaning company

Minneapolis, the home of Two Bettys, the creatives' cleaning company.
Minneapolis: birthplace of the late great Prince Rogers Nelson, and the home of Two Bettys, the ethically aware creatives’ cleaning company. Image by Rudy Balasko/Shutterstock.

Cleaning is seen as a low-level job on these shores. It is characterised by its low hours, low wages and (allegedly) low skill levels. It is seen as a dead-end National Minimum Wage job with few prospects. Without cleaners, mice will be seen in our kitchens, and alleyways could be rat-infested without refuse operatives. On the other hand, it could be used as part of a stable income for pursuing other projects. A group of artists did just that in Minneapolis, where Two Bettys have wowed customers and helped the state’s creatives. The creatives’ cleaning company has gone from strength to strength in the last year.

Most of its workforce are creatives – illustrators, writers, actors, comedians and web designers – who have an Art-Work Balance. The shorter hours enable them to concentrate on their creative endeavours as well earn a regular income. This year, expansion has seen the cleaners progress from self-employed contractors to fully-fledged employees. A move which sees them getting the same benefits as salaried staff.

Ethical Cleaning

Two Bettys is an ethical cleaning company in more ways than one. The company has a number of clients in the centre of Minneapolis. Firstly, the creatives’ cleaning company insist on using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Secondly, there is no unsocial hours – weekends and evenings – are out (unless they choose to work these hours). New starters should be able to work 20 to 30 hours a week for a year (minimum), have their own vehicle, regular internet access, and a checkable work history.

The cleaners’ creative endeavours are not only encouraged. They are also promoted on the Two Bettys blog with features on each cleaner, and a plug for their creative activities. Another part of their website is a community section, used to promote exhibitions, gigs and theatrical productions – involving Two Bettys’ workforce.


The Two Bettys website has a glorious retro vibe to it. It is slick, whilst being unashamedly inspired by ‘60s products Flash, Vim and Omo. The colour scheme is well thought out and easy on the eye. Their Facebook feed is also worth a look.

Clean floors, clean web design, and a creatives’ cleaning company: what is there not to like? Just go and visit their website, pronto…!

Clean Hire, 22 April 2016.