Tennant M20: Training Video

How to get to know your Tennant M20 scrubber sweeper through this training video

We at Clean Hire are fans of the Tennant M20 scrubber sweeper.  There is not a single word we could hold against that incredible hulk of a machine.  We love how it makes light work of the mightiest forecourts and warehouses.

Us telling you about how good it is isn’t enough.  You may be the proud owner or hirer of the Tennant M20 and wish to brush up your skills with the scrubber and sweeper.  For your very eyes is the official training video by Tennant themselves.

More M20 Action

As a Brucie Bonus, here’s some more footage of the M20 in action. This clip below has some serious Tennant thrash (turn the volume right up if you like this kind of thing).

Clean Hire, 03 February 2017.