How To Use an Industrial Vacuum To Clear Up Oil and Metal Debris

How To Use an Industrial Vacuum To Clear Up Oil and Metal DebrisThere are many environments associated with the presence of materials as oil and metal shavings. Common examples include CNC machining factories, large warehouses and production facilities.

It is critical to maintain a safe working environment and as a result, powerful vacuum cleaners will be required.

Assuming that the proper model has been selected, how can you safely and effectively remove oil and metallic debris? Let’s take a look at two different scenarios.

Floor-Based Cleaning Methods

Most industrial vacuum cleaners are capable of dealing with oil residues as well as small metallic shavings.

However, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the type and size of debris that can be collected.

Also, you may be required to add a particular cleaning solvent in order to ensure that the oil is effectively removed.

Several passes along a floor may be required when dealing with larger amounts of grime.

Cleaning Machine Components

Certain types of machines have been known to accumulate excessive amounts of oil and metal shavings on their exterior. Once again, industrial vacuums will prove to be valuable tools.

Choose a model equipped with a handheld extension hose in order to reach small crevasses.

It is also prudent to determine whether or not the unit in question is equipped with a macro filtration system.

This mechanism essentially separates the oil from other materials; enabling it to be reused at a future date.

Carefully pass the aperture of the hose over the intended area while being sure not to damage any sensitive machine parts.

Regularly monitor the volume of the recovery tank, as dealing with larger projects can cause it to fill quickly.

Always wear the proper eye and ear protection to avoid any possible dangers associated with flying metallic shavings.

Please note that these are only a handful of basic suggestions. Certain industry regulations may require you to take additional cautions.

It is also prudent to consult with the team at Cleanhire. We will be able to provide you with the right unit based around the needs of your location as well as the size of the project.