How to Pick the Right Machinery for a Specific Cleaning Task

How to Pick the Right Machinery for a Specific Cleaning Task

It is pointless to attempt fitting a square peg into a round hole. This very same principle is just as valid when referring to choosing the correct cleaning machine for the appropriate task. Although modern floor sweepers are quite versatile in regards to what they are able to accomplish, the fact of the matter is that the concept of “one size fits all” will rarely apply. It is important to know what factors to take into account so that the most informed decisions can be made when the time is right.

The Size of the Area

This is arguably the most important concern, for some machines are specifically designed to be used in larger locations. Walk-behind models can be employed within smaller dimensions, as they are able to navigate tight spaces and they tend to have a smaller turning radius. If you need to negotiate narrow corridors or hallways, this type will often represent the ideal choice.

On the contrary, a ride-on industrial floor sweeper is specifically designed to address larger locations. Common examples include warehouses and similar storage facilities. Not only are the units themselves easy to use, but the fact that the operator is not required to push the machine from behind will save a great deal of time.

The Surface to be Cleaned

Some surfaces will need to be cleaned differently than others. For example, high-gloss marble floors require different methods when compared to the concrete slabs associated with a common warehouse. This is why it is critical to understand what type of scrubbing and wiping mechanisms are employed by the machine in question. If the inappropriate techniques are selected, the user risks damaging the surface or not having the ability to remove dirt and grime.

How We Can Help

Whether you are looking to hire out a new unit or your are instead interested to learn about the refurbished units that we have in stock, a Cleanhire representative is only a phone call away. We will be pleased to describe each machine in greater detail and of course, we can provide timely advice in order to help you select the correct unit for the environment to be tackled. All of our machines are built to last and they are maintained to the very highest of standards. If you have been searching for a combination of reliability and unsurpassed flexibility, you have come to the right place.