Eight Must-Have Cleaning Products

Eight cleaning products that no household should be without. Ever.

An office clean or household clean can be difficult without the right kind of cleaning products.  As well as all the usual household names like Mr. Muscle, your kitchen, living room, or shop floor can be cleaned with common and garden products like distilled vinegar.  Or baking soda.  What’s surprising is how they are inexpensive.

For the eight cleaning products, we at Clean Hire have also looked at the prices.  Most of which have been sourced from ASDA’s website.

  1. Shower Cleaner

There is nothing worse than stepping into a dirty shower.  Firstly, you shouldn’t have to leave the cubicle with dirty feet.  Secondly, a damp shower is prone to mildew and mould.  Not a pretty sight before you head off to work, nor a pretty one for the next person.

Which is why shower cleaner is a must for any wet room or bathroom.  The own brand one is 75p.  Mr. Muscle shower cleaner retails between £1.50 and £1.99

  1. A Magic Eraser

The second of our essential cleaning products sounds like the stuff of 1950s to 1980s comic strips (if there was a strip called Jimmy’s Magic Eraser, please tell us!).  Instead of being used to answer hard sums and blast through spelling tests, the cleaner’s magic eraser is more mundane.  It is used as a kitchen scrubber.

From our sources, Flash’s magic eraser goes for £2.00.  At the lower price of £1.50 is Minky’s magic eraser.

  1. Goo Gone

From our choice of online retailer, Goo Gone isn’t available for sale.  For this item, we had to turn to Amazon.co.uk, where Goo Gone prices range from £2.50 to £3.98.  Goo Gone is used for removing sticky items.  For example, the backs of stickers or double sided tape.  If you need to clean up after children and pets, this should be one of your top cleaning products.

  1. Baking Soda

For the fourth item, our preferred online supermarket let us down a bit.  They only offered small canisters designed for home baking.  Once again, Amazon came to our rescue with a carton of Duzzit going for £2.80.

As part of your arsenal of cleaning products, baking soda is a must for oven cleaning and as odour absorber from your fridge freezer.

  1. Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths offer unbeatable value for money, being reusable and super-absorbent. They can last for several months to a year and work on a variety of surfaces. This time, ASDA offers two brands: their own brand microfibre cloths (£1.29 for two), and Minky’s (a cool £2.00 for four).

  1. Distilled White Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is good for removing stains, cleaning windows and freshening your clothes.  It is one of the cheapest household items for any cleaner’s toolkit.  You can get a pint of white vinegar for a mere 45p.

One more thing: owing to its acidic nature, please refrain from using white vinegar on granite and marble worktops.

  1. Multi-purpose Spray Bottles

If you’ve prepared your own cleaning solution, add a multi-purpose spray bottle to your wealth of cleaning products.  Besides our chosen online retailer, you should have few problems in finding one at Wilkinson, B&Q or Homebase.

From ASDA, £2.00 gets you a 500ml spray can by Hozelock. On Amazon.co.uk, an 800ml one can cost you £1.69.

  1. Wire Sponges

For the last of our cleaning products, no toolbox is complete without a decent scourer.  Sometimes, the most stubborn of surfaces could be too much for microfibre cloths or bare hands.  If you’re looking for an alternative to Brillo pads, ASDA’s Spiral Scourers (£1.00 for four scourers) is a good choice.

All prices were correct at the time of press.  All product prices were checked on the ASDA.com website, apart from those for the baking soda and Goo Gone (checked on Amazon.co.uk).