Daily Scrubber Dryer Checks For Commercial Cleaning CompaniesWe are all aware that the commercial environment is often associated with challenging tasks. One of the most important concerns involves how to properly maintain floor scrubbers and dryers. A bit of maintenance can go a long way and even the simplest of preventative measures will help to extend the lifespan of the unit in question. Let’s take a look at some ways to guarantee a fully functional unit (as well as spotless floors).

Examining the Recovery Tanks

The recovery tanks of a commercial scrubber/dryer are used to store the solution that previously cleaned the floor. Thus, they are likely to contain a good amount of dirt and debris. In order to maintain the integrity of these tanks, they should be emptied and rinsed after each use. This is particularly important if you happen to be using harsh or abrasive chemicals.

Solution Reservoirs

In the same respect, make certain that all solution reservoirs are thoroughly emptied. If any cleaning agents are allowed to remain in place, it is likely that they will clog filters and other sensitive parts. Make it a habit to perform this task after each use.

Scrubbing Brushes and Pads

All pads and brushes will undergo a regular amount of wear and tear. These are also the areas that will be likely to accumulate the most dirt. It is important to clean all associated surfaces on a daily basis; particularly if you are planning to tackle a large job. Also, check for any signs of mechanical breakdowns (such as cracks or missing bristles). While a professional scrubber dryer hire firm regularly examines such equipment, it is still your responsibility that it is maintained in working order.

Examine the Water Jets

The water jets found on the base of the unit are essential when spraying down a floor. However, these small apertures will often become clogged or otherwise spray incorrectly. Be sure that all are functioning as they should. If you find that one has become blocked, remove it and soak it in a mildly acidic solution (vinegar can often work wonders overnight).

These daily checks will help to ensure that your floor scrubber/dryer is working properly. If you notice any problems that have not been mentioned within this list, it is best to contact Cleanhire as soon as possible. We will certainly be able to diagnose the issue; saving you time and aggravation.

What Environments Are Best For Using Floor SweepersProfessional floor sweepers represent a quick and reliable means to tackle even the toughest of tasks. Not only are these units built to last, but Cleanhire provides a range of sizes and dimensions to choose from. Still, it is important to appreciate that such machines are only suited for specific environments. Making the correct choice when the time is right will depend upon the location as well as the surface that needs to be cleaned. Let’s take a quick look at the typical environments that can benefit from the presence of these modern technological marvels.

Commercial Locations

Commercial spaces such as showrooms and malls will require clean and safe floors at all times. Not only does this contribute to the appeal of the location in question, but such tasks represent priorities from a safety point of view. As some of these environments can be quite large, specific units such as ride-on floor sweepers could help to increase level of efficiency.

Industrial Zones

Floor sweepers can used to address even the most challenging of tasks within the industrial environment. This is a very real concern, for instances such as spills should be addressed as soon as possible. The good news is that there are a range of units with equally varying scrubbing capabilities. There is indeed no task too large or too small that these machines cannot handle within a timely fashion. Some of the most common environments that can benefit from the presence of cleaning sweepers include (but are not limited to):

  • Warehouses
  • Production plants
  • Storage and maintenance facilities
  • Garages
  • Food processing centres

It should also be pointed out that Cleanhire is fully capable of providing a used industrial floor sweeper when desired. These refurbished units represent an excellent choice for companies on a limited budget and yet, their cleaning capabilities are never comprised. When we take into consideration that well-known brand names such as Comac and Tennant can be selected, it becomes clear to appreciate the advantages associated with this option.

While modern floor sweepers might not be entirely suited for domestic use, there is no doubt that they are able to provide numerous benefits within the industrial and commercial environments. If you would like to learn more about the line of products and services that Cleanhire has to offer, please contact us at your disposal.

How to Pick the Right Machinery for a Specific Cleaning Task

It is pointless to attempt fitting a square peg into a round hole. This very same principle is just as valid when referring to choosing the correct cleaning machine for the appropriate task. Although modern floor sweepers are quite versatile in regards to what they are able to accomplish, the fact of the matter is that the concept of “one size fits all” will rarely apply. It is important to know what factors to take into account so that the most informed decisions can be made when the time is right.

The Size of the Area

This is arguably the most important concern, for some machines are specifically designed to be used in larger locations. Walk-behind models can be employed within smaller dimensions, as they are able to navigate tight spaces and they tend to have a smaller turning radius. If you need to negotiate narrow corridors or hallways, this type will often represent the ideal choice.

On the contrary, a ride-on industrial floor sweeper is specifically designed to address larger locations. Common examples include warehouses and similar storage facilities. Not only are the units themselves easy to use, but the fact that the operator is not required to push the machine from behind will save a great deal of time.

The Surface to be Cleaned

Some surfaces will need to be cleaned differently than others. For example, high-gloss marble floors require different methods when compared to the concrete slabs associated with a common warehouse. This is why it is critical to understand what type of scrubbing and wiping mechanisms are employed by the machine in question. If the inappropriate techniques are selected, the user risks damaging the surface or not having the ability to remove dirt and grime.

How We Can Help

Whether you are looking to hire out a new unit or your are instead interested to learn about the refurbished units that we have in stock, a Cleanhire representative is only a phone call away. We will be pleased to describe each machine in greater detail and of course, we can provide timely advice in order to help you select the correct unit for the environment to be tackled. All of our machines are built to last and they are maintained to the very highest of standards. If you have been searching for a combination of reliability and unsurpassed flexibility, you have come to the right place.