A little look at Comac’s battery scrubber dryers, designed for numerous kinds of spaces

Vispa 35B
Behold the mighty Vispa 35B: the smallest battery scrubber dryer available for hire by Clean Hire.

Vispa 35B

The Vispa 35B is our smallest battery scrubber dryer.  It is the best one for these hard to get to spaces and alcoves.  It only has a 12V battery which is about as powerful as some household appliances.

Omnia 26B/32B

Next up in the size scale are the Omnia 26B and 32B scrubber dryers. They take a 36V battery with the two models powerful enough for intensive cleaning operations. These are the most powerful walk-behind Comac battery scrubber dryers we have for hire.

Innova 60B, 65B/M, 75B/M

The Innova 60B, 65B/M, and 74B/M battery scrubber dryers have a choice of manual and automatic options.  Comac’s entry level ride-on scrubber dryers are a good all-rounder for cleaning floor spaces up to 6,000 square metres.  They come with a 24V battery.

Flexy 75B/85B

The Flexy 75B and 85B scrubber dryers are suitable for intensive cleans on spaces up to 3,000 square metres, inside and outside.  They have a built-in headlight, taillights, and a reverse beeper to warn pedestrians of its presence.

Ultra 85B/85BS/100B

Finally in our little look at Comac’s battery scrubber dryers, we look at the Ultra 85B, 85BS, and 100B scrubber dryers.  They are the highest end machines we offer from the Comac brand.  They are best suited to medium and large areas up to 5,000 square metres, including warehouses and forecourts.

Clean Hire, 21 March 2017.

Scrubber sweeper company Tennant purchases Italian rival with help from private equity fund, Ambienta

A Tennant scrubber sweeper.
Expanding: Tennant Co’s portfolio.

Over the last month, our friends at Tennant Co., the multinational scrubber sweeper giant, have purchased its Italian rival, the IPC Group.  Its acquisition, valued at £287 million, will be funded by private equity partners, Ambienta.

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How a collection of 300 vacuum cleaners are proving to be a headache for Steve

Modern Day Cylinder Vacuum
A modern day cylinder vacuum cleaner. Image by Cheshmeh Studio (via Shutterstock).

Many moons ago, we looked at the Vacuum Cleaner Museum in Heanor, Derbyshire. The visitor attraction is undoubtedly the place to go to if you love your vacuum cleaners. Claiming to have the third largest collection of vacuum cleaners in the United Kingdom is Steve Cook. The 38-year-old from Swindon has 300 items in his collection.

He has been interested in vacuum cleaners since he was a child. One day, his father, a school caretaker at the time, brought home a Hoover Constellation vacuum cleaner. Steve had a bash at trying to repair the dome-shaped cleaner. Though his attempt at electrical repairs was unsuccessful, it became the first of many additions to his collection.

The rarest model in his collection of 300 vacuum cleaners is the Hoover Powerdrive. Released in the mid-1970s, few models were manufactured. A halfway house between a Hoover Junior and a Hoover Turbopower vacuum cleaner, it cost the equivalent of £600 in today’s money. Steve has spent over £10,000 on vacuum cleaners in the last thirty years. One of his finds include a Moulinex Major – purchased for the princely sum of £2.00 at a carboot sale in Peterborough.

Courtesy of The London Economist blog, here’s what Steve Cook has to say about his collection in video form.

We wonder how he manages his to keep his floor clean, or find enough space for them. His 300 vacuum cleaners are almost taking over his one bedroom flat.  So much so that he has stored some of his collection in a lock-up garage.

Clean Hire, 03 March 2017.