Scrubber dryers are an essential piece of equipment used by thousands of industrial properties across the country. When it comes to the point of upgraded or replacing your existing scrubber dryer, there are some important points to consider.


We all love a bargain with anything and the same applies to industrial cleaning machinery. It is best to not to throw all your eggs in one basket and have a browse around at various websites. Even talk to a couple of people first via telephone or email to weigh up your options. Alternatively, if you have any business partners who are in a similar industry, get advice from them as experience is valuable


If you are looking to buy a more expensive machine, ensure the machine is known for reliability. You don’t want to be spending more money on maintenance a short distance down the line. It is a long term investment for you and your commercial cleaning premises. If you are looking at refurbished scrubber dryers, ask to take a look at the servicing history and determine the fact that if it is the same issue which keeps occurring.


Quality is key as with anything you buy. You want to ensure that the scrubber dryer  fits the requirements of what you want it to do. This is why it is a good idea to list the activities your new machine will be carrying out. Take into account the size of the surface area which will be cleaned on a regular basis. Also take into consideration the people who will be using it, are they able to control the machine around hazardous equipment? Read the specifications of the scrubber dryer and any flaws it may cause to your business environment.

In summary, buying or hiring a scrubber dryer is no different than buying a new car. You want the best possible price for the best possible performance. If you are looking to buy or hire a scrubber dryer or would like any more information on this specific industrial cleaning machine, get in touch with us on 01744 633738 and our experts can give you professional and reliable advice on the machine which best suits your business’ cleaning needs.

Has a Truro doctor designed the world’s smallest bagless vacuum cleaner?

Smallest vacuum cleaner image

Could a Truro doctor be the first person in the Guinness Book of Records to hold the record for having the world’s smallest vacuum cleaner?  For many people, a vacuum cleaner is small enough to manoeuvre around the house.  Our industrial vacuum cleaners can be used in warehouses and on airport terminals.  According to the Plymouth Herald, Doctor Toby Bateson may have set a precedent.

A Dyson clone for a dolls house?

Toby’s cleaner is 2.8 cm tall, about the same size as an eraser.  Owing to its small size, you handle what is probably the world’s smallest vacuum cleaner in the same way as a rubber.  You hold onto the cylindrical cleaner with your fingertips and place it on the area you wish to clean.  This video clip shows you how it picks up dust.

For the time being, it has limited uses.  Mr. Bateson is seen using the vacuum cleaner to pick up sawdust.  It could be a good tool for picking up bits of pencil erasers.  There is potential for his design for add-ons.  A dainty little brush attachment and a slim extension hose could be good.  The accessory pack, if one was to be considered, would take up more room than its cylindrical section.

Instead of being a quirky desktop toy, there is potential for serious uses.  The world’s smallest vacuum cleaner could be used for blowing dust off electronic components.  As to whether Mr. Bateson has developed a Dyson clone for a dolls house, he is almost there.  Except, dolls houses tend to be the preserve of hobbyists with cash to burn rather than as a young child’s plaything.

Would we buy one?

Should Dr. Bateson’s miniature marvel hit the shelves, we think it could be a good stocking filler.  We hope he succeeds.

Clean Hire, 05 December 2016.

Some straightforward tips on getting the better of leaf fall season

Autumn leaves image by Moomusician (via Shutterstock).
Autumn leaves image by Moomusician (via Shutterstock).

To many of us, this is autumn.  In rail speak, autumn is known as The Leaf Fall Season.  We have all heard about the ‘leaves on the line’ comment for the best part of three decades.  From St. Helens Junction to Georgemas Junction, or Liverpool Lime Street to Birchwood and Selly Oak, it’s the bane of railways.  As a consequence, the leaf fall season has an effect on timetables. Continue reading “The Leaf Fall Season: Infographic”

Leicester City Council head supports ban on chewing gum in city centre

Spat Out Chewing Gum
Yuk: A spat out piece of chewing gum. Even worse on the pavement. Image by Sasha Gromov (via Shutterstock).

From St. Helens to St. Austell, there is one scourge of the streets that is more annoying than dog poop.  Worse than half eaten takeaways plonked on the floor. They are an absolute pain in the rear end, because the best of industrial vacuum cleaners can struggle with this material.  We are referring to chewing gum and bubble gum.

Continue reading “Should We Ban Chewing Gum From The Streets?”