Clean-em-ups and street sweeping simulators

A couple playing video games.

After a tough day battling with a Tennant or a Comac machine, a bit of rest and recuperation is a good thing. Sometimes, a big mug of tea is enough. Others prefer to relax with video games on their XBox or PS4. Or a casual game on their tablet or smartphone.

We at Clean Hire have crossed the fine line between business and pleasure for today’s blog post. This time by looking at cleaning themed video games since 1980. Continue reading “Cleaning Themed Video Games Through the Ages”

Revolutionary new app set to transform washdays

Say goodbye to launderettes with Laundrapp.
Convenient: Laundrapp could make trips to the launderette a thing of the past.

In the beginning, we cleaned our clothes in fast-flowing streams and rivers. Then we got clever and opened laundries. Some were palatial washhouses in towns and cities, with industrial size washing machines and dryers. Then came coin-operated launderettes, a feature of many a suburban shopping street. Subsequently, washing machines bought on the ‘never never’ became a feature in many homes. Taking us full circle (almost) is Laundrapp, a new mobile app which enables you to ‘outsource’ your wash days. Continue reading “Laundrapp: A New Spin on Washdays”

Seven reasons why you need to keep your floor in tip-top condition

A buffing machine: one of many useful allies in floor cleaning.
A buffing machine: one of many useful allies in floor cleaning.

Whether at home, in the office, or on the assembly line, floor cleaning matters every time. It is the difference between maintaining a safe system of work or a hefty legal bill. Floor cleaning is THAT important, and here’s why. Continue reading “Seven Reasons Why Floor Cleaning Matters”

Why it pays to go professional

Turn to Clean Hire: The Professionals.
The cleanliness of your floor shouldn’t be left to chance. For industrial floor cleaning and scrubbing equipment, why not turn to our professionals?

Whether your floor is a sprung dance floor or a petrol station forecourt, keeping it in tip-top condition is an absolute must. With the amount of time and money invested, cutting corners on your floor is a ‘no-no’. We at Clean Hire are with you every step of the way, offering you a wide range of professional vacuum cleaners and scrubbers for hire. Continue reading “The Importance of Professional Floor Cleaning”

Floor sweeping machines and their role in cleanliness

Cutaway view of one of Tennant's M20 floor sweeping machines.
A cutaway view of the Tennant M20 Floor Scrubber Sweeper. Among the most state-of-the-art floor sweeping machines we have at Clean Hire.

Imagine it’s four o’clock in the morning, at a typical British mainline station. Its concourse, quiet, awaits a surge of passengers heading off to work. The only time to clean its concourse and platforms would be the small hours when many people have gone to bed. This is where industrial floor sweeping machines come to the fore. Continue reading “The Benefits of Floor Sweeping Machines”