Wet Vs. Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Wet Vs. Dry Vacuum Cleaners
You finally moved into your new home or office and are looking for vacuum cleaners to get your floors and carpets clean in the shortest time possible. But you’re having trouble deciding whether to get the dry or wet vacuum cleaner for your space.
You’re in luck. This article aims to give you a quick rundown on the basics to consider when choosing between a wet and a dry vacuum cleaner.1. Vacuum Cleaner CareBoth dry and wet vacuum cleaners need different care and maintenance to work efficiently. For instance, cleaning a dry vacuum cleaner requires that you remove all hair and debris from its brushes immediately after use. This ensures more efficiency the next time that you use it.

Alternatively, you should clean the waste container of your wet vacuum cleaner regularly with soap and hot water and all dirty water emptied after every use. Failure to remove water from the vacuum increases the chances of bacteria growing in its container.2. Emptying the Waste Container

Different industrial vacuum cleaner hire machines have different ways of emptying waste after use. Empty the waste container of a dry vacuum cleaner is quite simple. After use, your only work is to unhook the waste container from the device and dump any dirt and debris in it into a trash can. If anything is stuck on its brushes, you can use a stick to get it out.

On the other hand, the waste container of a wet vacuum cleaner should be dumped outside or somewhere where it doesn’t leak. Consequently, wet vacuum cleaners need more care when removing their waste containers too.3. Storage After Cleaning

Storing a dry vacuum cleaner after use is quite straightforward. You can simply put it right back in the store once you are done cleaning. There’s not much work afterwards, except maybe to remove any hair or debris locked on its hairs.

On the other hand, the wet vacuum cleaner is more demanding. Before storage, you must ensure that all of its brushes are dry and dirty water tank emptied as well before storage. Otherwise, it may become prone to bacteria growth.Bottom Line

The vacuum care tips mentioned above should have you set for whichever vacuum type that you choose for your floors and carpets. There are many industrial vacuum cleaners that you can choose from like the CFM SOL 300, CFM A17, VHC 200, VHS 120, etc. that can get your floors looking cleaner than ever. Choose a vacuum cleaner that covers all your preferences for the best results.