Floor Sweeping’s Eureka Moment

Seven degrees of floor preparation tools

Floor sweeping, 1919 style (Kremlička - Myčky).
Floor cleaning has come a long way from this era, as depicted in Rudolf Kremlička’s painting from 1919. Had they had the benefit of a Eureka Magnum…
Among Cleanhire’s wealth of floor sweeping devices is the range of sweepers by Eureka. The Italian company’s lean green machines are designed for a wealth of environments, from school corridors to airport terminals. Also playgrounds and focal piazzas. In walk behind or ride-on forms, they offer petrol, diesel, LPG and battery versions of their products.

Their entry level floor sweeping device is the Picobello 101, which can sweep up to 2.100 square metres per hour. The top of the range model is the Magnum. Its capacity, a staggering 18.720 square metres per hour.

Eureka’s Seven Floor Sweeping Devices

Here’s our look at the seven sweepers likely to transform your office, warehouse or forecourt.

1. Picobello 101

The Picobello 101 is Eureka’s entry level floor sweeping machine. More akin to a lawnmower in appearance, it is designed for corridors and smaller rooms. It is also useful on paved areas. Furthermore, it does the work of 10 brooms per clean.

  • Capacity: 2.100 square metres per hour.

2. Picobello 151

As well as doing the work of 10 brooms, the Picobello 151 floor sweeping machine is more efficient than the Picobello 101. Whereas the 101 uses electric power, the 151 is truly cordless: it uses a vacuum system which negates the need for petrol, batteries or a mains supply. Though with the same capacity as its entry level sister, it is great for use where access to electricity, fuel or batteries is impossible.

  • Capacity: 2.100 square metres per hour.

3. Kobra

If it’s performance you’re after, the Kobra floor sweeping machine is a good all-rounder for shopping centres, focal piazzas and transport depots. It is great for porcelain floors as well as concrete and is able to tackle the dirtiest of floors with ease. There is two versions: battery powered and petrol powered.

  • Kobra SH (petrol): 3.510 square metres per hour;
  • Kobra EB (battery): 3.510 square metres per hour.

4. Tigra

The Tigra floor sweeping machine is Eureka’s entry level ride-on machine. Available only in battery power, it is compact and includes an automatically adjustable brush. Its compact size allows for use indoors as well as outdoors.

  • Capacity: 5.800 square metres per hour.

5. Rider 1201

The Rider 1201 sweeping machines are real powerhouses belying their compact size. Available for indoor and outdoor in petrol or battery forms, both sit-on devices support an on-board vacuum cleaner (available separately). As standard, both devices have shock absorption.

  • Rider 1201 S (petrol): 10.140 square metres per hour;
  • Rider 1201 E (battery)9.680 square metres per hour.

6. Xtrema

The Extrema sweeping machine, in diesel and battery forms, have hydraulic transmission and hydraulic container lifts. Its enhanced power allows for usage on a multitude of sites and floors. Also designed for use from site to site.

  • Xtrema DK (diesel): 12.600 square metres per hour;
  • Xtrema EB (battery): 11.200 square metres per hour.

7. Magnum

Eureka’s top-of-the-range sweeping machines are the heavy duty Magnum devices. They can stand up to the most stubborn of stains whether indoor or outdoor. For vast warehouses, airport terminals and public squares, they are the most versatile machines available for large spaces.

  • Magnum HDK (diesel, water cooled): 18.720 square metres per hour;
  • Magnum LPG (liquid petroleum gas): 17.940 square metres per hour;
  • Magnum EB (battery): 12.500 square metres per hour.

A clean sweep?

Whatever Eureka machine you go for, their mean green sweeping machines pack a serious punch. We at Cleanhire are able to advise you on which ones best suit your workspace.

For further details, you can click on the links from each model name. These lead to pages within the English version of the manufacturer’s website.

If you are interested in hiring one of their machines from us, or wish to pick our brains, why not call us on 01744 633738. We’ll be happy to help you.

Cleanhire, 11 August 2015.

Image by Rudolf Kremlička [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons