A List of Industrial Vacuum Components and Their Purposes

A List of Industrial Vacuum Components and Their Purposes

Industrial vacuum cleaners are able to provide you with a host of cleaning options and they can deal with even the most challenging demands. Still, the technology behind these modern marvels is quite impressive.

Let us take a look at some of the main components of an industrial cleaner as well as their intended purposes in order to appreciate the big picture.

The Motor

This is the most important mechanism within any industrial vacuum cleaner. The motor supplies the power required to drive internal fans as well as compressed air systems.

Without the presence of a motor, a vacuum would not have the power to remove dirt, grime and dust from underlying surfaces.

The Mechanical Cleaning Accessories

These can come in the form of squeegees and rotating brush heads (depending upon the make and model. Their primary intention is to provide the mechanical action required to remove debris from a surface.

This detritus is then sucked up through the intake port thanks to the presence of the motor mentioned in the last paragraph.

Filtration Units

Filters are important components of any unit. This is why companies which provide industrial vacuum cleaner hire services will need to make certain that filters are maintained on a regular basis.

Filters are mainly intended to guarantee a steady airflow by removing any particulate matter from the air. If a filter becomes clogged, the efficiency of the vacuum will rapidly diminish.

The Storage Tank

Most industrial vacuum cleaners are provided with a built-in storage tank (often measured in a capacity of cubic litres). This tank will collect the dirt and debris that was removed from the underlying floor.

The good news is that larger internal reservoirs signify that users will not be required to empty the tanks as often; leading to decreased cleaning times.

If you are curious to learn more about how an industrial vacuum cleaner functions or to enquire about a specific make or model, feel free to contact Cleanhire UK. We will be happy to assist.