A look at the 1980s’ successful orange Vax vacuum cleaner

Vax advert still
A still from the 1990 Vax television advert.

It is hard to imagine an era without wet and dry vacuum cleaners for domestic use. Carpet cleaning at one point meant a separate device or a bottle of carpet cleaner. This meant a vacuum cleaner for dust and a carpet shampooer for cleaning your Axminster. In 1977, Alan Brazier had a cunning plan when he formed Vax UK Ltd.

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Ever wondered how often tube trains are cleaned across the London Underground?

Tube train image by Julius Kielaitis (via Shutterstock).
The Central line: where tube train seats are cleaned more often than their Jubilee line counterparts. Image by Julius Kielaitis (via Shutterstock).

Elsewhere on the blog, we have looked at how trains are cleaned in India, and how the London Underground is waging war on superbugs. Thanks to a Freedom of Information enquiry earlier this year, made by the London Evening Standard, they asked about the cleanliness of tube trains from Morden to Alperton.

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