Tips To Improve the Efficiency of Your Cleaning MachineFloor cleaning machines are able to tackle even the toughest and most challenging of tasks. However, the caveat to remember is that they need to be maintained properly if you hope to maximise their sense of efficiency. This is why embracing the proper techniques and becoming aware of a handful of tips is the best way to get the most out of your scrubber dryer hire service. What do the professionals have to say?

Regularly Examine the Cleaning Elements Beneath the Unit

It can be argued that the underside of your floor cleaning machine is the most vulnerable due to the fact that it needs to stand up to a significant amount of wear and tear. Periodically check moving elements such as squeegees and brushes.

If you notice that they are warped, cracked or otherwise misshapen, the chances are high that they will need to be replaced. In the same respect, clean these mechanisms on a regular basis with soap and warm water.

Only Utilise the Recommended cleaning Solutions

Certain machines are designed to work in conjunction with specific cleaning solutions. Any substances which are not recommended could damage critical areas such as filters and seals. This is why it is important to read the owner’s manual carefully to avoid making what might otherwise prove to be a costly mistake.

Inspect Any High-Pressure Jets

High-pressure jets and nozzles are intended to provide the cleaning brushes with the lubrication and the power that they require to tackle tough surfaces. However, these jets can become clogged from time to time. This is normally caused by the presence of certain minerals such as calcium and magnesium within the water (a condition known as “hard water”).

The good news is that these jets can be unblocked by soaking them in a solution of water and vinegar overnight. This mildly acidic combination will help dissolve any blockages.

Remove, Clean and Replace Filters

The filters found within a cleaning machine will need to be examined and changed from time to time. They are intended to catch any excess particulate matter and naturally, clogs can and will occur. It is a good idea to check all removable filters on a monthly basis.

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The Best Industrial Hoovers For Commercial UseCleaning commercial areas such as showrooms and retail sales environments can be tricky; especially if a large amount of space needs to be addressed within a timely fashion. This is why commercial vacuum cleaners are often employed. They will help to ensure that projects are quickly completed while simultaneously guaranteeing that even the most stubborn dirt is removed.

Choosing the right unit for the task at hand is, therefore, a very important step before any project can begin. What are some of the characteristics that define the best industrial hoovers? What different types of configurations are available? Let us take a look at how to select the appropriate unit for an upcoming commercial project.

The Power of Brand Names

It should go without saying that the most reliable units tend to be associated with high-quality brand names such as Nilfisk. Companies which provide industrial hoover hire services should therefore offer a wide spectrum of options so that integrity and reliability are never compromised.


The majority of industrial vacuum machines are quite heavy by their very nature. However, they still need to be manipulated with ease. This is why units are equipped with castor wheels and similar user-friendly navigation accessories. Not only will these be able to address large areas, but they can be controlled in such a way as to address tight angles.

Storage Capacity

Every industrial hoover is associated with a specific amount of storage capacity. This essentially equates to how large of an area before the contents of the tank will need to be removed. It is important for the user to determine the size of the location to be cleaned (in square feet or meters). The most appropriate choice can thereafter be made.

Additional Variables to Take Into Account

The best industrial hoovers should also supply a superior level of flexibility in terms of accessories and options. For example, some are intended for lightweight requirements while others are more suited for heavy-duty tasks. Cordless and bag-less variants might also be available upon request. So, a configuration is always available for the upcoming task at hand.

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How To Use a Floor Scrubber MachineFloor scrubbing machines represent some of the most efficient and targeted methods to keep environments clean and free of debris. While they are equipped with a host of modern amenities and many units now even boast “smart” computer capabilities, users should be aware of the correct techniques to employ when addressing an area.

Let us, therefore, take a look at how to properly use the machines supplied by professional floor scrubber hire services in order to appreciate their unsurpassed levels of functionality.

Preparing the Machine for Use

It is first important to make certain that the unit is properly maintained and ready for use before tackling any type of cleaning task. This involves several discrete steps:

  • In the event that the machine is powered by batteries, ensure that it holds a full charge.
  • Inspect all moving parts for signs of wear; particularly those underneath the unit.
  • Be sure that any and all safety features are in place.
  • If the machine is powered by mains electricity, inspect cords for any kinks or frays.

Remove any items such as furniture or machinery from the area to be cleaned as well before powering up the unit.

Cleaning Methods Explained

Once the cleaning process itself begins, most experts recommend that the area should be divided up into visual segments. This will make it easier to tackle larger tasks while reducing the chances that an area is accidentally missed. It is also quite common to begin at the periphery of a room and work inwards.

This approach enables the user to deal with any hard-to-reach sections first. In the event that the machine cannot access a specific location (such as around the tight confines of a pallet), a mop and bucket may represent better options.

Ensure that all squeegees and/or scrubbers are touching the surface of the floor. If this is not the case, they will need to be adjusted before continuing. Finally, be sure to clean the scrubber machine after each use. This helps to extend the lifespan of moving parts and it is essential from a maintenance perspective.

Floor scrubber machines represent modern and versatile ways to clean a challenging environment. Those who are looking to procure the best units in the industry are encouraged to contact a representative at Cleanhire UK. We will be pleased to describe your choices in greater detail.