A Guide To Effectively Clean Factory FloorsCleaning factory floors is essential is essential in terms of safety, in-house efficiency and regulatory compliance. However, some of these areas are quite large and they can be difficult to tackle without having an initial plan in place. There is no doubt that maintaining such an environment is important in order to bolster day-to-day operations, so it is a good idea to take a quick look at how to effectively clean these locations.

Initial Preparations

Make certain that the area to be cleaned is free from all large debris such as boxes, pallets and any machinery. Depending upon the level of dust or dirt, there are times when this floor can be manually swept. Also, be sure that no hazardous scenarios such as loose electrical cables or chemical spills are present. It is then wise to contact a reputable floor scrubber dryer hire company such as ourselves, as renting a unit in advance is the best way to select the correct make and model.

Calculate the Cleaning Path

The best way to ensure a fast and efficient completion is to visualise your route in advance. Much like painting the floor of a garage, it is advisable to start cleaning at the far and before returning to the initial starting point. Not only will this help you to avoid doubling over areas that have already been scrubbed and swept, but it is much easier to gauge your progress.

Choosing the Right Floor Cleaning Machine

This is arguably the most critical concern, as the cleanliness of your floors will directly equate to the type of unit that you select. Cleanhire offers a wide range of scrubber-dryers for different environments. Some walk-behind models are ideal for smaller dimensions while their ride-on counterparts are capable of addressing very large areas (such as industrial warehouses). Their associated scrubbing mechanisms and turning radii are likewise designed to complete certain tasks, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that there is always a model suitable for your needs. Above all, each of these scrubbers is reliable and powerful.

Effectively cleaning factory floors requires planning and insight. However, selecting the correct scrubber-dryer is just as important if you hope to complete the job within an amenable time frame. Thanks to over 36 years of industry expertise, our professionals are always happy to provide further information or to reserve a unit for you at your convenience.

The Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaners For Concrete FloorsIndustrial vacuum cleaners are known for their versatility and reliability. Not only can these units handle a significant amount of waste, but their user-friendly controls ensure that even large tasks are able to be tackled efficiently. As you can imagine, not all units are created equally and some are better suited for addressing specific surfaces than others. This is why consulting with a professional industrial vacuum cleaner hire service is always a wise choice. However, it is still important to understand which units can be used in combination with concrete floors as well as some of their main advantages.


One of the first issues to address involves how easy the vacuum can be manipulated during its operation. Some of the most effective are equipped with castor wheels. This also signifies that they can function within environments associated with tight turning radii. However, they are still powerful enough to deal with a massive amount of space within a short period of time.

Suction Power

Industrial vacuum cleaners designed for concrete surfaces should also be able to handle a wide range of materials and particulate matter. While fine dust is an obvious concern, other substances such as liquids and even oils should be effectively addressed. One example can be seen in the agile design of our CFM SOL 3000 model. Thus, even challenging cleanup tasks can be dealt with in a timely fashion.

Environmental Concerns

While there is no doubt that suction power and versatility are important factors to address, we should also keep in mind that certain industrial locations are associated with environmental hazards. The fine dust often accompanying grain silos and chemical production facilities are two examples. In such instances, vacuums powered by compressed air as opposed to electricity should be chosen in order to reduce the chances of an accidental explosion or arc flashes.

Targeted Designs for Demanding Solutions

The experts at Cleanhire supply a wide range of vacuum cleaners suited for concrete floors. Not only are these units equipped with some of the latest technological innovations, but they are maintained to the highest of industry standards. If you have been looking for a powerful solution to your maintenance needs, we are here to help. Please examine our models in greater detail and if you require further assistance or to hire a specific model, we ask you to contact a representative.