Industrial Cleaning Machines For HireIndustrial floor cleaners make light work of those floors that contend with high traffic. Anybody who has tried to clean industrial flooring with traditional methods will know what a thankless task it is. Commercial or industrial floor sweepers do a much better job and what’s more, the cleaners allow for quicker drying times too so that it can be back to business as usual.

Lighter Work from the early 1900s

Before the first electric-powered floor machines emerged in the early 1900s, full-time floor cleaners had to work hard to remove oil and grease from industrial floors.The first floor machines were known as ‘divided-weight’ machines, with the weight being on the machines rear wheels.

These machines would scrub and polish in one machine. Later, when it came to keeping wooden floors gleaming, wax would be applied and then polished to a shine with a buffer. It soon became evident that these early floor cleaners were heavy and slow, but still admired for taking away the need to go down on all fours to scrub the floor.

Looking for improvements, manufacturers realised the need for more pressure on the brush for an even better scrubbing and polishing action. This is when the ‘swing’ machine emerged. There was more weight on the brush and the rear wheels of the machine lifted off the floor during use. This swing machine was destined for further improvements and soon the 175-rpm electric buffer emerged. It was during the 1950s that manufacturers brought out high-speed floor machines, allowing the user to adjust the machine so that it rotated at 175 to 350 rpm.

The Need for Smart Floor Cleaning Technology

As new paints, oils and finishes emerged, the need for ever smarter floor cleaning technology became apparent. By the 1970s, rotation speeds of up to 1,000 rpm were possible and improved floor pads were introduced to cope with these faster machines. Manufacturers have since brought out industrial floor cleaners that produce up to 2,000 rpm.

Nowadays you get a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning machines that make excellent and short work of your industrial floors. You’ll find all kinds of machines, from ride on machines to heavy-duty commercial and industrial machines that get down to scrubbing filthy floors with a combination of water and effective cleaning chemicals.

Floor cleaning machines have been researched and tried and tested, and today we have many different cleaning machines – floor sweepers, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and buffer and scrubbing machines – all ideal for removing grease and oil from the floor.

Their Efficiency Eliminates Man Power

industrial floor cleanersToday in the 21st century, industrial floor cleaners are known to be super efficient. They use less water too, allowing floors to dry quickly so that work can continue unhindered by dangerous watery floor surfaces. No more relying on many workers to get down to hard, thankless floor cleaning chores.

The emergence – and wide range of electric floor cleaners available today are designed for heavy-duty applications and they come with a host of accessories that ensure they make super short work of the most grimiest of floors.

Industrial Environments Scrubbers Used
Here are the variety of industrial environments where you can use our products.

For a long period now, scrubber dryers have been a familiar sight in both industrial and commercial premises, and have played as an essential tool in the housekeeping regime. Cleaning of industry floors, for instance in production shops, warehouses, assembly areas, has multiple objectives besides the maintenance of a clean work ambience. These objectives include preventing the occurrence of accidents, ensuring the health and environmental standards are maintained, and also maintaining the value of floors in buildings as a whole.

Scrubber dryers are mainly used within indoor areas of factories. They are instrumental and cover a wide range of cleaning duties in different environments. The environments these scrubbers are used include:

Food Processing Industry

Scrubber dryers are vital in the food processing industry to resolve hygiene problems. They are in demand in the food processing industry, especially in places where perishable goods are stored, to avoid bacteria growth. The scrubber machines minimize the dangers of such explosive dust, hence ensuring a conducive working environment. An example of a scrubber which is suitable in this sector is the Viper AS 380/15. It offers high-quality sanitation, vast and effortless intervention, with immediate dry and safe floors.

Motorcar Industry

Scrubbers are ideal for big motor car industries. They are primarily used in environments such as car parks, car showrooms, car washes, garages, and tyre shops. They work by ensuring the interior of showrooms and the outdoor areas are clean and tidy. They are useful since they leave the environment clean and attractive, which adds professionalism, thus making the consumers for the industry feel at ease. An example of a suitable dryer is Comac C130. This scrubber has a high working speed and low noise levels which enables it to work in noise sensitive areas.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The dryers offer excellent work autonomy in pharmaceutical institutions. They are used in areas such as pathways and compact areas. The pharmaceutical industry is susceptible to hygiene, and this calls for proper mechanisms to ensure hygiene is prioritised. They are ideally suited for customers within contract cleaners to keep away dust. They are also used along pathways where lots of movement from customers and workers happen. The presence of clean rooms, which are characterised by a clean environment, and must be equipped with overpressure, is vital. Here, the furnishing must comply with requirements of both FDA and pharma GMPs. Vispa scrubbers by Comac are commendable to handle the task effectively.

Chemical Production Industries

Scrubbing machines with durability are used in chemical manufacturing to brush away dirt especially during the chemical production cycle. During the chemical production of paints, medicine, herbicides and polyethylene, harmful cycle gases are emitted. Here, there are high risks of exposure to airborne PVC’s, which come as a result of chemical dust. A scrubber dryer is the perfect solution to efficiently ensure that no dust particles accumulate on the floor.

In a paint production environment, the chemical products used and produced usually have a burning or scorching effect, and may spill on the floor. This means that the scrubber dryer machine needs to be durable and suitable for hazardous environments. Here at Cleanhire we would recommend the use of a Tennant M20 for the best result.


selecting a floor cleaning
Selecting An Industrial Floor Cleaner

A clean industrial cleaning environment is critical for worker safety, increased productivity, and improved product quality. This is the reason why you need to select the best industrial floor cleaners for your plant. In fact, the cleaning equipment you choose is nearly as important as the production equipment.

A clean environment conveys a quality image that results in high employee morale and positive reaction from your visitors and clients. Keeping the environment clean adds value to the business. However, the process of selecting the appropriate cleaning equipment isn’t easy. Sometimes you may end up purchasing cleaning equipment that doesn’t deliver quality cleaning.

Below are some factors that you need to consider when buying industrial floor cleaners.

Operator Visibility

Check whether the cleaning equipment provides the cleaner with a clear view of the surface to be cleaned. This is critical for both the safety of the worker and better performance. It is crucial to have a cleaning equipment that allows the cleaner to have a clear view of the dumping without the need to lean his head outside of the machine.

Forcing the operator to lean outside may result in accidents hence unnecessary compensation. The equipment you choose should allow the operator to sit straight and keep his head inside during sweeping and dumping operations.

Ease of use

This is a critical factor that you need to consider while purchasing your cleaning equipment especially when the industrial floor cleaners are going to be used by more than one person. Check whether the controls are easy to understand and the level of training the operators will need to undertake before they can comfortably work with the equipment.

Can the operators handle minor problems on their own or will you need a specialist every time the machine breaks down? Unless the cleaners can easily be controlled by the available cleaning staff, the cleaning productivity is set to suffer.

Cleaning Speed

The floor cleaner that you choose should be able to perform cleaning jobs quickly. Improved speed will allow your cleaners to concentrate on the cleaning activities effectively. You should also check whether the cleaning equipment offers fast drying times since it helps in resuming work quickly hence saving a lot of time.

The Tank Capacity / Water Usage

Scrubbers that have a large solution tank capacity in relation to their size and offer reduced water/detergent use will lower your operating costs. Such scrubbers are also environmentally friendly since they reduce the volume of your waste stream hence improving your cleaning productivity.