Scrubber Sweepers in Action

A Six-Pack of Tennants (and other) Scrubber Sweepers on Video

We at Clean Hire are proud of the scrubber sweepers and similar appliances that are available for hire.  Sometimes, our photography doesn’t do them justice. They are best enjoyed in moving image form, hence this selection of clips.

Each of our clips featuring scrubber sweepers and the like include corporate videos.  We also have one clip where one of Stock, Aitken and Waterman’s productions can be heard in the background.  Ultimately, all of our carefully curated clips feature the machines in action (which is what we want to see anyway).

Industrial Rider Floor Scrubber (Tennant T20)

Here’s our first of the two Tennant scrubber sweepers.  This 31 minute clip is a video instruction manual which shows the erstwhile cleaner in a warehouse.

PowerVac Tennant 5680 Industrial Floor Scrubber

The second of our Tennant clips is the well-toned swimmer in comparison to our sumo wrestler in the previous clip.  This is the powerful Tennant 5680, among the most handheld scrubber sweepers on the market.

Viper Fang 20 Scrubber Dryer

For our third one is the smaller – also handheld – Viper Fang 20 scrubber dryer.  In this clip, all we get is a gentleman setting his Viper Fang 20.  No voiceover, no lift music, just a man with a Viper Fang 20 in a warehouse.  Oh, and Brother Beyond’s biggest hit, The Harder I Try in the background (aided and abetted by Stock, Aitken, and Waterman).

Karcher Scrubber drier BR35 12C

For the fourth clip, another corporate video.  This time with an annotated demonstration of the Karcher Scrubber drier BR35 12C.  The cleaner, as we find in the clip, uses a Lithium Ion battery.

Eureka Picobello 101 manual sweeper

The fifth clip is a showcase for the Eureka Picobello 101, which is a truly manual cleaner.  It is a compact device which does not need any batteries.

Vispa XS

For our final one, we look at the smallest of the scrubber sweepers we offer.  In this clip, we see how the Vispa XS can negotiate the tightest of spaces.  Set to some form of house music, we also see gender stereotypes being upheld.  Apart from that, the clip gives you a good demonstration of the Vispa XS.  Pretty neat it is too.

Clean Hire, 14 November 2016.