Floor Sweepers vs. Scrubber Dryers

Floor Sweepers vs. Scrubber DryersWhen it comes to choosing your sweeper, the size of your factory or warehouse and how quickly and often you want to clean will help you decide on the size and type of the sweeper that meets your needs.

Choosing Your Floor Sweeper

When choosing the correct model for your application, you need to make an informed decision on whether you’ll need to gather debris and grass or even more need to get rid of spillages or staining.

This will help you know whether you need a sweeper or floor scrubber. Your cleaning task size determines the size of the machine you need.

Floor sweeping machines use rotating brushes system which cleans the surface debris to a container waste which can be emptied and removed. Filtration systems guarantee no hanging of waste particles in the air.

From compact versions to bigger machines, a selection of pedestrian and ride-on floor sweepers are available for every requirement.

Several options such as battery and engine power are excellent options for machines when it comes to different cleaning jobs be it small floor areas to huge industrial spaces.

Scrubber Dryer Machines

Industrial scrubber dryers can deliver the highest standards of hygiene in a short span when used correctly. Three-stage processes are normally done; firstly, the commercial scrubber dryer lays a proper cleaning solution directly to the surface of the floor, agitating it and loosening the gathered dirt.

Lastly, the floor scrubber gets rid of the dirty solution through the vacuum attachment and keeps the dirty water inside which can be carried safely and disposed of.

Scrubber dryer machines can consist of;

– Step on dryer scrubbers where users of this machine stand on this platform. The creative step-on idea combines the movement of a walk-behind with a ride-on speed.

– Walk-behind scrubber dryers that clean small areas quickly and efficiently. These scrubber dryers guarantee sparkling cleanliness throughout customer visits. It is also more economical than wet wiping from 100 m²:

-Ride-on scrubber dryers suitable from 1500 m²: These scrubber dryers are enjoyable solutions to large walk-behind machines. They are specifically maneuverable thanks to their narrow width.

Cleaning large areas comes with its own share of challenges and requirements, and can be extremely challenging finding the correct cleaning machine to do the job perfectly which is why it is highly beneficial to opt for Cleanhire UK for the sale, servicing or hiring of all manner of industrial cleaning machines to help you in making such decisions in finding cleaning solutions.

Such will save you time and money on trial and error when it comes to finding an amicable solution.

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With the availability of carefully refurbished machines, Cleanhire suits any budget to the satisfaction of the client and ensure customer satisfaction.