Guide To Industrial Floor CleanersFresh to the job and want to clean up in your new role? Create surfaces that shine from the outset by following these top tips for making the most of our equipment and products.

Choosing Your Floor Cleaner

Our wide range of professional cleaning machines are designed to help customers meet their own unique needs, so check you have the right tools for the job ahead.

A walk-behind scrubber may be just the trick for medium spaces but, for something larger, you’ll probably need a ride-on machine which covers more ground in less time. Talk to your manager about what is right for the area involved.

Getting Started

Before you hop on board, check the space is free from any large pieces of debris or other obstacles. This will save time when cleaning, as well as avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on the pads or vacuum system.

Next, set up your machine by mixing the correct amount of cleaning solution and adding it to the shampoo tank. Don’t forget to top up the water and detergent tanks too, so your vehicle doesn’t run dry.

Add the correct scrubbing pad or brush, depending on what you’re cleaning, check it is securely fastened and plug in the machine. You’re ready to go!

Tips For Easy Cleaning

• Press the lever or turn the steering wheel to move off.

• Engage anything which controls the cleaning solution or vacuum systems, and check your pads are in the down position and making even contact with the floor.

• Start in the corner furthest away from the door and then work in parallel rows, back and forth, until you return to this point. This avoids having to redo part of the floor before you leave the area.

• Keep an eye on the water level so you don’t run low, as well as the recovery tank so it can be emptied on time.

• Overlap each line as you pass to avoid missing any spots, and allow time for drying as you go.

• Avoid streaks by cleaning all components frequently, especially the recovery tank where different cleansing products can mix together, and change scrub pads according to the surface when needed.

Safety First

It is essential to wear the right personal protective gear when using an industrial cleaner, for example, safety goggles or a simple mask to protect against dust and other particles.

Most of our machines are pretty powerful, so you may also need earplugs to protect your hearing, especially if you’re new to the business. Non-slip shoes are also recommended, given the high sheen created, and some vehicles also have seat belts fitted to prevent falls.

You may need to wear gloves or a mask when refilling or cleaning tanks due to the high chemical volume of some cleaning products. Make sure to check the bottle for instructions before using.

Once your cleanse is complete, inform staff that surfaces may still be damp by placing caution or wet floor signs nearby.

Future Of Industrial Cleaning
Robotic Cleaner

Most of us will be aware of the domestic, cleaning robots that glide around corridors and kitchens in homes across the country, but may not realise the extent of the technological advances in large, industrial cleaning machines.

As cleaning is a fundamental service in society, it is inevitable that robotic and electronic developments would eventually make an impact on the industry, and various new technologies are already deployed in many organisations across the country.

Floor Cleaning Robots

The key development in the next few years will be robotic cleaning machines. By 2020 onwards these will be visible in many more public places, and can already be seen in certain hospitals and shopping precincts. Like their smaller residential counterparts, these larger versions navigate around obstacles such as furniture and people as they take some of the drudgeries out of the cleaning process.

Although still at an early stage, robotic cleaners are anticipated to be a huge growth area in the next decade and trials are underway in a number of countries, not least the U.S., with robot technology originally developed for other purposes, now redirected towards cleaning and service industries.

Automatic Cleaners

More immediate improvements can be observed in automatic cleaners, which have progressively moved forward using highly sophisticated design technology. This takes into account not only a variety of environments but also the health of the cleaning operative and the specific needs of organisations such as hospitals and other large public bodies.

For example, new machines have energy and materials use at the heart of their specification, ensuring a reduction in the use of water consumption, chemicals and energy output. With the use of microprocessors and sensors, detergents and water can be metered accordingly, which has positive environmental and cost implications.

Changes also benefit the cleaning operative who can often configure the mode of cleaning to suit the environment and some models have single disk, dual disk and dual cylindrical modes to choose from.

In addition, sensors on certain models can detect and reduce or eliminate odours that may be deleterious to the health of the operator, or people with sensitivities to chemicals, such as hospital patients.

Green Cleaning

As with most industries, environmental concerns are of primary importance and cleaning is no exception. As well as the new technologies taking into account detrimental effects on human health and the environment, this now extends more and more towards ensuring suppliers and materials purchased are eco-friendly in the wider distribution network.

What Will This Mean For the Future

There is no doubt that new modes of cleaning will change the working environment and developments made to date have already taken some of the sheer grind out of the cleaning job.

In the future, a certain amount of jobs could potentially be undertaken by robotic cleaners. However, a human element is envisaged for heavier duty cleaning, organisation of cleaning schedules, equipment, materials and maintenance of new designs.

Industrial cleaning has certainly taken on a very exciting and futuristic aspect!

industrial vacuum cleaner
Nilfisk CFM 127 Vacuum

The industrial vacuum cleaners are crucial in every home, office, and commercial enterprise. They are important in offering you the best cleaning solution when handling dirt of all types, especially those that are challenging to manage. The good thing about these cleaners is that they can be employed in a number of applications. This means that you can use them in domestic and industrial cleaning services. The industrial vacuum cleaner hire is a subject worth considering if you are looking at achieving the best cleaning service.

Here are four reasons why you should use the industrial vacuum cleaners:

  1. Faster Cleaning Solutions

Research shows that industrial vacuum cleaners are much faster than brooms and small domestic vacuum cleaners. Normally, the industrial vacuum cleaner is 50% faster than brooms. The push brooms are known to jump over dirt especially under bright light. When compared with the small home vacuum cleaners, the industrial types are 30% faster.

  1. Wide Applications

When compared with the home vacuum cleaners, the industrial types work on a number of surfaces. They can be used on both dry and wet surfaces. On the other hand, the home vacuum cleaners can only be used on dry surfaces. For this reason, less dirt gets to accumulate over time. With an industrial vacuum cleaner, there is no debate on what surface to clean as the equipment can be used on any surface.

  1. Longer Life and Functionality

Normally, the industrial vacuum cleaners come with a 15-20 years warranty. If you opt to buy the cleaners, you are guaranteed of long-term service and value for your cash. Remember, you can use these vacuum cleaners every single day and get to achieve quality cleaning results. They are able to help you get rid of pathogens and dirt from your home or office.

  1. Powerful Performance

The industrial vacuum cleaners are normally more powerful in performance than their domestic counterparts. Research shows that their power output is a little lower (about 1400W) than the domestic ones (1800W+). However, the industrial vacuum cleaners guarantee the best results. You get to spend less on power and still receive the best cleaning results. They can use long and larger hoses, and are compatible with a variety of powerful tools.




Industrial cleaning machineGenerally, there are many reasons why you should procure the industrial vacuum cleaners. It’s very important to consider industrial vacuum cleaner hire for the best cleaning results and advice. You will always like the benefits attached to the use of the vacuum cleaners.

Industrial vacuum cleaners
                                 Industrial vacuum cleaner

Normally, improper use of the vacuum cleaner can result in dander, dust, and dirt being left behind. To prevent this from happening, you need to learn how to effectively use the vacuum cleaner and how to keep it in good working conditions. Here are 10 tips to help you achieve the best cleaning results when using the industrial vacuum cleaner.

  1. Reduce the Mess Created

Basically, your vacuum cleaner gets to work best when the dirt is minimal. You should avoid dust, dirt and any kind of soiling agent from getting into your house. You can lay rugs on the doorstep so as to discourage the members of your household from stepping into the house with dusty shoes.

  1. Adhere to the Vacuum Schedule

Mostly, weekly vacuum cleaning is effective. Doing once a week makes sure that your house gets the best cleaning service as the vacuum cleaner gets to rest. Overuse of the equipment may result to wear.

  1. Make Several Passes when Cleaning

Normally, the more passes you make, the better the cleaning results. Consumers who make 12 or more passes tend to achieve better vacuum cleaning results. A single sweep does not guarantee quality work as dirt and dander get left behind.

  1. Avoid Small Objects

The industrial vacuum cleaners cannot resist the suction of small objects such as paper clips and coins. These particles normally interfere with the functioning of the vacuum cleaner. Eventually, your industrial vacuum cleaner life is threatened by these small particles.

  1. Use the Right Accessory

The industrial vacuum cleaner usually comes with extra accessories such as the upholstery brush, round brush and power nozzle. The power nozzle is effective in cleaning the carpet. The upholstery brush is effective in cleaning the furniture and mattresses while the brush is good for the steps.

  1. Avoid Overfilling the Bags

Normally, the hose gets to feed the bag about two thirds. For this reason, you are expected to maintain this level. Overfilling can damage the vacuum cleaner resulting in repair expenses.

  1. Avoid Frayed Edges

To achieve this, you should begin cleaning the small mats from the centre as you move outwards to the edges. The small mats require careful handling so as not to damage the equipment with the suction of the mat particles.

  1. Handle the Spill and Stubborn Stains Independently

If you notice that your mats contain stubborn stains, you are supposed to handle them first before making the vacuum passes. This is to make sure that the stains do not interfere with the performance of the vacuum cleaner.

  1. Clean the Vacuum Set Regularly

To maintain the vacuum set in good condition, it’s important that you clean the filters, brushes and other vital parts regularly. This will ensure that the equipment is free from spoilers.

  1. Service the Vacuum Cleaner Once in a While

You should allow an expert to look at the vacuum cleaner once in a while to make sure that it’s in good condition. Servicing of the equipment helps to save you from spending money on replacements and repairs.


Generally, the industrial vacuum, cleaners need regular maintenance and proper observations to work effectively. Knowing how to prevent damage to the cleaner is vital to achieving long-term service and great cleaning performance.