The 5 Best Floor Cleaners of 2019

The 5 Best Floor Cleaners of 2019

2019 has witnessed some amazing technological advancements in terms of commercial and industrial floor cleaning solutions and a handful of models have risen to the top of the sector. Let us take a look at the top five manufacturers as well as what each of their configurations has to offer.

The Nilfisk S2B

This single-phase industrial hoover is primarily designed to address dust-related issues within modern environments. Capable of handling up to 5,400 litres of air each minute, the S2B series is also extremely quiet.

The Nilfisk CFM 3907

In terms of heavy-duty tasks, this Nilfisk model aims to please. Able to provide an airflow of 8,100 litres per minute and capable of handling a host of materials, the CFM 3907 is perfect for warehouses and similar industrial environments.

The Nilfisk CFM 137

The 137 series boasts a power rating of 3,000 watts and hits design is ideally suited for cleaning up liquid spills. Containers of both 60 and 100 litres can be chosen depending upon the size of the area. The Nilfisk CFM 137 is also suited for sanitary environments such as those associated with food preparation.

The Nilfisk 3508W

This model is modular in nature and considered to be one of the top models within its class. Suited for both commercial and industrial applications, features include an upstream safety filter, a compartment for accessories and a three-phase design.

The Nilfisk VHS 120

The diminutive size of this model tends to mask is incredibly powerful cleaning mechanism. A tank of 25 litres is combined with a unique Venturi filtration system that is mounted directly beneath the vacuum head. Heavy-duty castor wheels provide a simple means to manipulate the unit.

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