Introducing the Tennant 7400

Why Tennant 7400 combined scrubber sweepers are great for mammoth tasks

Tennant Combined Scrubber Sweeper
All hail The Mighty Tennant 7400, combined scrubber sweeper extraordinaire!

Some combination scrubber sweepers are more equal than others. They may be up to the task in small spaces, though lack that extra something for  medium sized and large spaces. Or outdoor use as well as indoors.

The Tennant 7400 fits the bill. For indoor and outdoor use, in low light or otherwise, rain or shine, its proven performance is suitable for warehouses, forecourts and storerooms. It is a sit-on combined scrubber sweeper with excellent cleaning abilities.

It is durable, built to last, and a cinch to operate. All it takes to get started is one button, and you’re scrubbing the floors like nobody’s business. The Tennant 7400 is cheap to run with powerful productivity its hallmark. Its manoeuvrability is impressive too, with the performance of a Great Dane and the manoeuvrability of a Jack Russell Terrier. The Tennant 7400 can handle the toughest of cleaning and scrubbing jobs with ease.

As seen in this clip above, notice its abilities to turn around in tight circles. See how it shifts the dirt in no time. The impact over a matter of seconds is immediate.

If your company is within the transport, logistics or warehousing sectors, the Tennant 7400 is an absolute must. For cleaning the most stubborn of stains, it cannot do no wrong.

Technical Specifications:

Tennant 7400 Combined Scrubber Sweeper

  • Fuels: Liquid Petroleum Gas/Petrol/Diesel;
  • Cleaning Path: 1,140 mm;
  • Scrubbing Width (with side brush): 1,450 mm;
  • Solution Tank: 265 litres;
  • Recovery Tank: 272 litres;
  • Brush Speed: 400 RPM;
  • Demisting Chamber: 129 litres;
  • Maximum Forward Propelling Speed: 12.9 km/h;
  • Maximum Reverse Propelling Speed: 6.4 km/h;
  • Gross Weight Gradeability: 8° / 14%;
  • Scrubbing Gradeability: 8° / 10.5%;
  • Minimum Aisle Turn (left hand side): 3,190 mm.

Tennant 7400 dimensions:

  • Length (excluding side brush): 2,460 mm;
  • Width (excluding side brush): 1,525 mm;
  • Height (without overhead guard): 1,475 mm;
  • Height (with overhead guard): 2,045 mm.

Any Questions?

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Clean Hire Industrial Cleaning Machines, 11 September 2015.