Comac Vispa 35b Floor Cleaning Machine

Vispa 35B Floor Scrubber
Vispa 35B

Vispa 35 E-B-BS scrubber dryer by Comac. Perfect to replace manual floor cleaning systems in small and congested areas. Ideal for maintenance cleaning operations, Comac Vispa 35 floor scrubber is available in battery- and cable- powered washing version and battery-powered sweeping version. The battery-powered version is cable-free for best manoeuvrability in small and congested areas. Vispa 35 is supplied complete with brushes or pad holder. The battery- powered version comes with built-in battery charger and gel batteries as standard equipment. On request, the electrical version may be supplied with a 15-m cable. Vispa 35 is the only small-sized floor scrubbing machine which can very easily clean up in corners and along walls

Model Work Capacity (up to sq.m./h) Autonomy up to (h) Working Width (cm) No of Brushes Working Width with Squeedge (cm) Solution Tank (l) Noise Level dB(a) Power Supply
Vispa 35B
Battery (12V)