A selection of suction sycophants: in other words, vacuum cleaner enthusiasts and popular cultural icons

Suction sycophant image by Ljupco Smokovski (via Shutterstock).
Image by Ljupco Smokovski (via Shutterstock).

We at Clean Hire not only hire a number of industrial vacuum cleaners.  We are also passionate about vacuum cleaners and other cleaning products.  It is our life, our raison d’etre – our reason for being in plain English terms.  Needless to say, we salute like-minded people with a great interest in vacuum cleaners.  Suction sycophants if you prefer.

For our latest post, we salute four suction sycophants. Some people are fans of vacuum cleaners in the same way some of us like steam trains, photography, and American comics. Continue reading “Dedicated Followers of Suction”

Dusty roads set for clean sweep

Industrial vacuums in action, as seen in Washington DC.
The future Delhi dust buster? Industrial vacuums like this one in Washington DC could be seen on the streets of the Indian city. Photograph by Elvert Barnes (Creative Commons License: Attribution – Share Alike).

Rising pollution in the streets of Delhi is a bone of contention for government officials and road users alike. The Delhi government has tried to clean the city’s streets with mechanical sweepers, but they were tested by its dusty roads. In December of last year, the Delhi government have considered industrial vacuums as a solution. Continue reading “Industrial Vacuums Set for Delhi Streets”