Sticky greasy drips and sodas cause a safety hazard for your employees plus make a poor impression on clients. Industrial floor cleaners use 100 percent clean water the whole time, leaving your floor cleaner and more hygienic. Studies have revealed that labour costs represent approximately 90 percent of the total cost of maintaining floors. Industrial floor cleaners allow operators to clean more within a short period. Here is what you should know before buying an industrial floor cleaner. Continue reading “A Buyers Guide For Industrial Floor Cleaners”

scrubber dryer

A scrubber dryer is basically a powerful machine that helps clean hard floors. It not just scrubs and cleans the floors with chemicals and water but also dries them. The machine works by combining a rotary cleaning tool’s scrubbing function with a vacuum cleaner’s suction capabilities. This makes for a quick and efficient cleaning process. If cleaning floors in your office, home, or any industrial or commercial environment is an unavoidable routine, you certainly need a scrubber. But what should you look for when shopping for one, since the scrubber range is quite immense. Keep reading for our scrubber dryer selection tips for when hiring or purchasing a new cleaning machine.


Carefully consider the dryer’s dimensions. The majority of these dryers are made to fit via a regular doorway, but that should not always be the norm. Therefore, check the machine’s width. If you would have to shift the dryer between floors frequently, then the dryer’s weight becomes an important metric too. Make sure the dryer is safe for transport in lifts, and on inclines.

Ease of Use

Generally, these dryers are user-friendly. And even if a user is having trouble getting started with the machine, there is always some sort of free manufacturer-provided training to resort to. However, the ride-on, bigger machines require careful handling, especially when used with people around. If the floor isn’t big enough, a walk-behind dryer would make sense, and it could be easily managed by an inexperienced operator too.

Parts and Maintenance

You can even buy second-hand dryers, as that would bring down your purchase costs. However, make sure the dryer you’re considering buying is well-maintained and has parts available in the market. In other words, check if you could still purchase its pads and brushes. Also, confirm the options available if your machine needs some major service. Remember, these scrubbers would need some sort of maintenance regularly.

Therefore, it’s always advisable you buy a second-hand scrubber model that’s still relevant or hasn’t been abandoned by the manufacturer or the repairs and parts market. If you have the budget, it’s highly advisable you buy a new scrubber. The initial costs may be high but you would also end up spending less for its maintenance and upkeep over a period. If you’re looking for great deals on a range of scrubber dryers, head to Cleanhire UK Limited sells almost every industrial and domestic cleaning machine under the sun. You can also buy refurbished machines and hire new equipment from there.

scrubber dryerThe cleaning industry has seen growth with infiltration of robots, and these are replacing people in droves. As you might have always known, robots have received a lot of attention in science fiction, but it seems their portrayal is coming to pass as more industries have embraced the use of robots in different processes. Some of the benefits of using robots in cleaning and other industries include cost saving and consistency. Scrubber dryers have come in different sizes and shapes and there are many that have varying capacities. Smaller cleaning machines seem to be the latest trend and most of these compact models perform better than traditional-sized machines.

Smaller size and convenience

Although many people see size as something of a status, it comes with a number of benefits. Smaller scrubber dryers have come with a lot of advantages including having the ability to reach areas where large machines cannot. Their operability is also impressive due to the light weight and the fact they are more portable. Smaller machines have come with better mobility and offer high cleaning performance, which is something the cleaning industry has always wanted to get. It has also been seen that smaller machines are easy to store and their results surpasses what you get with a large machine.

Agility trend

There has been a growth in a trend where people have shown preference over the use of light and highly portable machines that can clean restricted spaces like narrow corridors. Larger machines are cumbersome to operate and might not do the job as effectively. However, some small machines are not able to achieve the cleaning efficiency you get with larger machines that are more powerful. It is recommended to choose a small machine only when you are cleaning an area that’s not large, but for industrial purposes a large and powerful machine would be the best choice because in this case efficiency is the prime concern that has to be achieved.

Growing demand

As more people choose to make cleaning in their homes more automated, the demand for scrubber dryers has increased. The consumer market is growing and this means small shops and restaurants are taking advantage of the benefits of compact machines for cleaning. Compact machines have come as a convenient solution to replace buckets and mops especially in businesses where cleaning is done routinely. The reason is because the machines clean and dry the floor immediately.

The Competition among Different Cleaning Systems for a Contract

scrubber dryers competeRecently. a big station cleaning contract needed an automated cleaning system which resulted in a cleaning competition being held. This was to determine which automated scrubber dryer is the most superior. Continue reading “Scrubber Dryers Compete for New Cleaning Contract”

Ride on floor scrubbers are a revolutionary piece of kit that allow cleaning floors to be done in half the time and twice as effectively. Industrial floor care machines have given the cleaning industry a much needed tool to get the job done and there are many on the market that can make floor cleaning a painless task. There are two big players that dominate the market: Tennant and Comac. But the question is, which one is better?

Tennant Ride on Floor Scrubber

Tennant have incredibly high productivity rates and boast being able to clean 2,500 square metres per hour. One of the main benefits of the Tennant range is that a lot of them offer a scrubber-dryer combination that means you can minimise the risk of slips and falls.

Tennant T3 Scrubber Dryer
Tennant T3 Traction drive scrubber dryer.

The patented NanoClean technology converts water into cleaning solution and is a lot more efficient at waste disposal than cleaners offered by competitors. Tennant also have the added bonus of offering a range of ride on floor scrubbers that can suit any company of any size. They range from their Micro Ride On Floor Scrubber to the Industrial Floor Cleaner so even if you have a small space that needs cleaning it is likely you will find something that you can use in your setting.

Comac Ride on Floor Scrubber

Comac Innova 85B ride on scrubber dryer.

Comac also offer a wide range of industrial cleaning machines and like Tennant they strive to ensure there is something available for every position in the market. What Comac really specialise in heavy duty cleaners that can tackle dirt conditions associated with heavy industry. They also have an in house efficiency system called CDS that can enable to operator to dose water and detergent separately to reduce waste. Comac machines are also well known for being easy to use, so although they are designed to tackle heavy industry, anyone can use them.

Which One is Best For Me?

Deciding between a Tennant and a Comac ride on floor scrubber is something that can take a lot of thought. If you are a professional cleaning company this is a large investment which could change the way your company works, and if you are a company tackling its own industrial cleaning issues then you will also want to ensure that you get the most out of your spend.

Heavy duty industry like the medical industry or anything that is centred around food may well leave you with no choice but to go for a Comac. If you have strict regulations to adhere to their consistency will provide you with peace of mind.

If you are just a small company or you are just starting out your own cleaning company – then a Tennant may be your best option. Not only are they efficient but they are affordable enough to buy if you feel you may not use it that often. Their models make a great starter option for those who want to test the water.

Industrial Environments Scrubbers Used
Here are the variety of industrial environments where you can use our products.

For a long period now, scrubber dryers have been a familiar sight in both industrial and commercial premises, and have played as an essential tool in the housekeeping regime. Cleaning of industry floors, for instance in production shops, warehouses, assembly areas, has multiple objectives besides the maintenance of a clean work ambience. These objectives include preventing the occurrence of accidents, ensuring the health and environmental standards are maintained, and also maintaining the value of floors in buildings as a whole.

Scrubber dryers are mainly used within indoor areas of factories. They are instrumental and cover a wide range of cleaning duties in different environments. The environments these scrubbers are used include:

Food Processing Industry

Scrubber dryers are vital in the food processing industry to resolve hygiene problems. They are in demand in the food processing industry, especially in places where perishable goods are stored, to avoid bacteria growth. The scrubber machines minimize the dangers of such explosive dust, hence ensuring a conducive working environment. An example of a scrubber which is suitable in this sector is the Viper AS 380/15. It offers high-quality sanitation, vast and effortless intervention, with immediate dry and safe floors.

Motorcar Industry

Scrubbers are ideal for big motor car industries. They are primarily used in environments such as car parks, car showrooms, car washes, garages, and tyre shops. They work by ensuring the interior of showrooms and the outdoor areas are clean and tidy. They are useful since they leave the environment clean and attractive, which adds professionalism, thus making the consumers for the industry feel at ease. An example of a suitable dryer is Comac C130. This scrubber has a high working speed and low noise levels which enables it to work in noise sensitive areas.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The dryers offer excellent work autonomy in pharmaceutical institutions. They are used in areas such as pathways and compact areas. The pharmaceutical industry is susceptible to hygiene, and this calls for proper mechanisms to ensure hygiene is prioritised. They are ideally suited for customers within contract cleaners to keep away dust. They are also used along pathways where lots of movement from customers and workers happen. The presence of clean rooms, which are characterised by a clean environment, and must be equipped with overpressure, is vital. Here, the furnishing must comply with requirements of both FDA and pharma GMPs. Vispa scrubbers by Comac are commendable to handle the task effectively.

Chemical Production Industries

Scrubbing machines with durability are used in chemical manufacturing to brush away dirt especially during the chemical production cycle. During the chemical production of paints, medicine, herbicides and polyethylene, harmful cycle gases are emitted. Here, there are high risks of exposure to airborne PVC’s, which come as a result of chemical dust. A scrubber dryer is the perfect solution to efficiently ensure that no dust particles accumulate on the floor.

In a paint production environment, the chemical products used and produced usually have a burning or scorching effect, and may spill on the floor. This means that the scrubber dryer machine needs to be durable and suitable for hazardous environments. Here at Cleanhire we would recommend the use of a Tennant M20 for the best result.

What is a Scrubber Dryer?

scrubber dryerScrubber dryers are essentially power mops to clean floors. These machines exert high contact pressure with the floor surface, to scrub and clean the floor. It vacuums up spills or grime, and rinses away the trace. While it may take hours of hard work to do the task manually, a power floor scrubber does the task in just a few seconds.

Main Component of a Scrubber Dryer

The standard scrubber dryer comes with a brush, a cleaner tank, and a dirty water tank. The cleaner tank may be detached and filled with cleaning solution. The dirty water tank, filled when the machine vacuums up the dirty cleaning solution from the floor, may likewise be detached and emptied. The brush may be either flat or cylindrical. Cleaning the machine is generally easy, and does not require any special tools. Heavy-duty machines may require periodic servicing.

Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Floor scrubber dryers come in many shapes, sizes, and models. Different models suit small, medium, and large areas. Walk-behind scrubber-dryers are characterised by their small size, and are the best option to clean areas of around 100 m². These models come with a long handle, making it very convenient and easy to push around. These dryers are typically deployed in supermarkets and other places with high people movement, to ensure sparkling cleanliness, at all times. Using walk-behind scrubbers is more economical, compared to wet wiping.

Ride-By Scrubbers

Stand-on or ride-by floor scrubber dryers are powered by a battery, with the operator riding or driving it around. These machines, even though costing more, improve the productivity of the cleaning staff manifold. Standard variants of ride-by scrubbers are best suited for schools, hospitals, retail shops, commercial offices, and other similar spaces. Construction sites, warehouses, agricultural areas, and other rugged or hot environments require heavy duty variants.

How to Select the Best Scrubber Dryer

The best scrubber model depends on the surface area to be cleaned, and the type of floor, as in tiled, vinyl, terrazzo, concrete, or anything else. Heavy-duty machines, although costing more, gets into tight and low spots very well, compared to lighter machines. The best method to clean especially dirty or tough spots is to pour out the cleaning solution and scrub for a few passes, and then activate the suction at the final pass. Heavy-duty scrubbers are especially useful for cleaning ceramic floor tiles in a thorough manner, to make explicit the quartz sparkles, which remain hidden under a layer of grime, under normal wet clean. Many models are versatile machines, working best with all types of floors, including uneven, smooth and hard floors. Changing a couple of parts, in some models, can even convert the machine to a professional carpet cleaning machine.


Regardless of the type of scrubber chosen, consider the ease of operations and the extent of maintenance required. The best option is to invest in a robust scrubber dryer from a reputed manufacturer, to ensure the machine lasts for a very long time, and does not require extensive maintenance.

Eight cleaning products that no household should be without. Ever.

An office clean or household clean can be difficult without the right kind of cleaning products.  As well as all the usual household names like Mr. Muscle, your kitchen, living room, or shop floor can be cleaned with common and garden products like distilled vinegar.  Or baking soda.  What’s surprising is how they are inexpensive.

For the eight cleaning products, we at Clean Hire have also looked at the prices.  Most of which have been sourced from ASDA’s website.

  1. Shower Cleaner

There is nothing worse than stepping into a dirty shower.  Firstly, you shouldn’t have to leave the cubicle with dirty feet.  Secondly, a damp shower is prone to mildew and mould.  Not a pretty sight before you head off to work, nor a pretty one for the next person.

Which is why shower cleaner is a must for any wet room or bathroom.  The own brand one is 75p.  Mr. Muscle shower cleaner retails between £1.50 and £1.99

  1. A Magic Eraser

The second of our essential cleaning products sounds like the stuff of 1950s to 1980s comic strips (if there was a strip called Jimmy’s Magic Eraser, please tell us!).  Instead of being used to answer hard sums and blast through spelling tests, the cleaner’s magic eraser is more mundane.  It is used as a kitchen scrubber.

From our sources, Flash’s magic eraser goes for £2.00.  At the lower price of £1.50 is Minky’s magic eraser.

  1. Goo Gone

From our choice of online retailer, Goo Gone isn’t available for sale.  For this item, we had to turn to, where Goo Gone prices range from £2.50 to £3.98.  Goo Gone is used for removing sticky items.  For example, the backs of stickers or double sided tape.  If you need to clean up after children and pets, this should be one of your top cleaning products.

  1. Baking Soda

For the fourth item, our preferred online supermarket let us down a bit.  They only offered small canisters designed for home baking.  Once again, Amazon came to our rescue with a carton of Duzzit going for £2.80.

As part of your arsenal of cleaning products, baking soda is a must for oven cleaning and as odour absorber from your fridge freezer.

  1. Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths offer unbeatable value for money, being reusable and super-absorbent. They can last for several months to a year and work on a variety of surfaces. This time, ASDA offers two brands: their own brand microfibre cloths (£1.29 for two), and Minky’s (a cool £2.00 for four).

  1. Distilled White Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is good for removing stains, cleaning windows and freshening your clothes.  It is one of the cheapest household items for any cleaner’s toolkit.  You can get a pint of white vinegar for a mere 45p.

One more thing: owing to its acidic nature, please refrain from using white vinegar on granite and marble worktops.

  1. Multi-purpose Spray Bottles

If you’ve prepared your own cleaning solution, add a multi-purpose spray bottle to your wealth of cleaning products.  Besides our chosen online retailer, you should have few problems in finding one at Wilkinson, B&Q or Homebase.

From ASDA, £2.00 gets you a 500ml spray can by Hozelock. On, an 800ml one can cost you £1.69.

  1. Wire Sponges

For the last of our cleaning products, no toolbox is complete without a decent scourer.  Sometimes, the most stubborn of surfaces could be too much for microfibre cloths or bare hands.  If you’re looking for an alternative to Brillo pads, ASDA’s Spiral Scourers (£1.00 for four scourers) is a good choice.

All prices were correct at the time of press.  All product prices were checked on the website, apart from those for the baking soda and Goo Gone (checked on