A Few Important Terms to Learn About Scrubber Dryers

Scrubber Dryer GlossaryFloor scrubbing machines are suitable for various heavy-duty cleaning requirements. They can be used for hard indoors flooring and some outdoor surfaces. A scrubber dryer is a cleaning machine with a tank, vacuum and large brush at the bottom. The equipment runs the brushes mechanically, moving them methodically across the surface as they remove dirt.

The tank holds a cleaning solution that is deposited on to the surface to eliminate stubborn stains. A set of squeegees in the machine absorb the solution and dump it in a collection tank. When hiring or buying a floor scrubber, it helps to learn a bit more such as the terms used. Continue reading “Scrubber Dryer Glossary”

Scrubber dryers are a familiar sight in commercial and industrial premises, and they are important tools in the housekeeping regime. If you are considering hiring a scrubber dryer either for your industrial or commercial property, the following are some of the things that you should consider beforehand: Continue reading “What To Consider When Hiring a Scrubber Dryer”