A Few Important Terms to Learn About Scrubber Dryers

Scrubber Dryer GlossaryFloor scrubbing machines are suitable for various heavy-duty cleaning requirements. They can be used for hard indoors flooring and some outdoor surfaces. A scrubber dryer is a cleaning machine with a tank, vacuum and large brush at the bottom. The equipment runs the brushes mechanically, moving them methodically across the surface as they remove dirt.

The tank holds a cleaning solution that is deposited on to the surface to eliminate stubborn stains. A set of squeegees in the machine absorb the solution and dump it in a collection tank. When hiring or buying a floor scrubber, it helps to learn a bit more such as the terms used. Continue reading “Scrubber Dryer Glossary”

Industrial cleaner in labour gives birth, wearing a Chewbacca the Wookie mask

Chewbacca the Wookie. Image by M. Mckinney Photography (via Shutterstock).
As worn by Aimee Smith in mask form: Chewbacca the Wookie. Image by M. Mckinney Photography (via Shutterstock).

From a maternity ward far far away, Barrow-in-Furness mother Aimee Smith (26), gave birth to her child in a way most unusual to many people. The industrial cleaner smuggled a Chewbacca the Wookie mask into the maternity ward. At Furness General Hospital, Aimee’s mask gave the midwives a laugh.

Mid way through her contractions, she mimicked the growling of the hairy character seen in The Return of the Jedi. With Albie planned as her third and last child, the industrial cleaner wanted to mark this event in style. Her sister-in-law suggested wearing the Chewbacca mask whilst in labour.

As well as having it captured for posterity by her boyfriend Michael Ogden, they have suggested saving a DVD copy for her newborn child. The aforementioned clip was posted on the Daily Mirror’s website.

May the Forceps Be With You

The late great John Sullivan of Only Fools and Horses fame would have appreciated a story along these lines. You would too. Last but not least, from Clean Hire, may The Fourth Be With You this summer.

Clean Hire, 04 July 2017.