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Why two Singapore cafeteria chains have introduced tray returning and floor cleaning robots

Robots image by Alejandro Linares Garcia (Creative Commons License: Attribution-ShareAlike)
“We are the robots…:” Already happening in Singapore, robots are being used to help to clean floors and form part of a lean coffee shop chain with very few human staff. Image by Alejandro Linares Garcia (Creative Commons License: Attribution-ShareAlike)

In the last 60 years, the cafeteria layout has usurped seated service in many cafés. For many, cafeterias mean trays, picking your own sandwiches or cakes, and filling your own teapots. A popular method in many superstore cafés, it allows for higher footfall, speedier service, smaller staffing numbers. In Singapore, two coffee shop chains have gone even further: robots instead of cleaners and waiters.

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Cleaning giant details ingredients of all their British and European cleaning products

SC Johnson Cleaning Products Image

SC Johnson, whom many of you may remember as Johnson Wax, are on a crusade to improve transparency between themselves and their customers.  With health issues and the likelihood of cancers caused by cleaning chemicals, the company has embarked upon a mission to explain.  This time, the makers of Toilet Duck and Shake ‘n’ Vac, have decided to detail every single ‘ingredient’ used in their products.

Known as What’s Inside SC Johnson, their handy website tells you:

  • The composition of Shake ‘n’ Vac’s lemon fragrance;
  • Which materials are used in Goddard’s Silver Cloth;
  • How Benzophenone-12 is used in Duck 3-in-1’s Purple Wave rim block.

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