The Competition among Different Cleaning Systems for a Contract

scrubber dryers competeRecently. a big station cleaning contract needed an automated cleaning system which resulted in a cleaning competition being held. This was to determine which automated scrubber dryer is the most superior. Continue reading “Scrubber Dryers Compete for New Cleaning Contract”

How cleanliness forms part of the Association of Bus Operators in West Yorkshire’s Bus 18 initiative


How Clean Is Your Bus image by Tupungato (via Shutterstock).
As part of the Association of Bus Operators in West Yorkshire’s Bus 18 initiative, cleanliness will be given equal billing to punctuality and reliability. Three of the participants (including First West Yorkshire, as seen in Bradford in this image) will offer free travel or pay your taxi fares if your bus didn’t show. Image by Tupungato (via Shutterstock).

Whether you’re doing a full trip on the 320 to Wigan, or catching a 33 to see The Mighty Crusaders, cleanliness is next to punctuality in the world of bus operations.  If the lateness of your bus doesn’t spoil your day, the ‘joys’ of seeing half eaten butties or sprawling free newspapers could wind you up. Both factors haven’t escaped the attention of ABOWY, the Association of Bus Operators in West Yorkshire.

The Association of Bus Operators in West Yorkshire represents the county’s bus operators.  These include a number of independent operators as well as the big guns, like First West Yorkshire, Arriva Yorkshire, and Yorkshire Tiger.  In a bid to raise punctuality and cleanliness standards on the buses, ABOWY have launched Bus 18.

Introduced on the 24 March this year, Bus 18 is about improving the journey experience.  The biggest strides have been made with cleanliness.  In cooperation with Cordant Cleaning, First West Yorkshire have raised their game.  This has attracted compliments from passengers.  As well as serving West Yorkshire’s largest bus operator, Cordant Cleaning also work for eleven other FirstGroup divisions.

As for punctuality and reliability, passengers can be compensated for heavily delayed or missing buses.  On First West Yorkshire, Arriva Yorkshire, and Transdev operated routes, your next journey could be free (if you waited for 20 minutes or longer).  If your last bus is later than 20 minutes or non-existent, you could claim the cost of your taxi fare back (from First, Arriva, or Transdev).

We think ABOWY’s move is a welcome one (could Merseytravel introduce a similar scheme?).  As for the 33 bus for Thatto Heath Crusaders, it is every fifteen minutes during the day and half hourly on Sundays (no evening service).  The stop you want is Elephant Lane, just before it passes Close Street. Then walk towards Close Street: the ground is a few yards on the right hand side.

Thatto Heath Crusaders’ next home fixture will be versus West Hull on the 06 May 2017. Kick off is 2.30 pm.

Toasty toes and clean floors are possible with Evri’s floor cleaning slippers

Pink Slippers: imagine these as floor cleaning slippers?
Could you imagine seeing these with a brush below the soles? Image by Maya Kruchankova (via Shutterstock).

In October 2015, we looked at the engineering marvel that was a pair of vacuum slippers by Alexander Yurkin, Victor Oshlykov, and Timothy and Alexander Smagin Krivenkov. In this blog post, we wondered if floor cleaning slippers were around the corner. Quoting from our 13 October 2015 entry:

Could industrial vacuum slippers be considered?

If popular enough to grace the shelves of Argos stores from Penzance to Wick, an industrial version could be likely. These could use safety shoes instead of slippers and become a boon in tight corners, and designed for small offices. There could be scope for a wet and dry version for the home market known as the Moppasin.

Over six months on, we are halfway towards the development of anything like the (as-yet-uninvented) Moppasin. This in the form of a pair of floor cleaning slippers, which aren’t far off the mark. Better still, they are available now from and other fine online retailers. Continue reading “Floor Cleaning Slippers: A Brush With Cosiness”

Clean Hire looks at Two Bettys, the Minneapolis creatives’ cleaning company

Minneapolis, the home of Two Bettys, the creatives' cleaning company.
Minneapolis: birthplace of the late great Prince Rogers Nelson, and the home of Two Bettys, the ethically aware creatives’ cleaning company. Image by Rudy Balasko/Shutterstock.

Cleaning is seen as a low-level job on these shores. It is characterised by its low hours, low wages and (allegedly) low skill levels. It is seen as a dead-end National Minimum Wage job with few prospects. Without cleaners, mice will be seen in our kitchens, and alleyways could be rat-infested without refuse operatives. On the other hand, it could be used as part of a stable income for pursuing other projects. A group of artists did just that in Minneapolis, where Two Bettys have wowed customers and helped the state’s creatives. The creatives’ cleaning company has gone from strength to strength in the last year. Continue reading “Meet the Creatives’ Cleaning Company”

Clean Hire looks at railway carriage cleaning practices

The wonders of carriage cleaning on an Arriva Trains Wales Class 150
A nice clean train: the wonders of carriage cleaning on an Arriva Trains Wales Class 150 Sprinter train. Image by Peter Skuce, 2009 (Public Domain).

Many of us pay a princely sum for our season tickets each month or year.  Among our biggest complaints besides punctuality, reliability and overcrowding is cleanliness.  Or the lack of it, such as dirty seats and blocked toilets.  Of great importance to the operation of our rail network, is carriage cleaning. Continue reading “Carriage Cleaning: How Clean Is Your Train?”

Could vacuum slippers lead to a new wave of cleaning devices for small spaces?

Pink Slippers
Suitable for vacuuming?

It has been pitched as a solution for student lets where young people are, supposedly, reluctant to clean up after themselves or use a regular vacuum cleaner. For households, it could be a boon. Enter a pair of vacuum slippers. Continue reading “Are Vacuum Slippers the Future?”