A selection of cleaning quotes and advertising slogans in relation to cleaning

Cleanliness they say is next to godliness.  If cleaning quotes featured on Pointless, you’d be looking at 80 to 90 points for our first sentence.  For our latest post, here’s a few more quotes and slogans you may, or may not have heard of.

  1. Trigger’s Broom

The late great Roger Lloyd-Pack is best known for his role as the dim-witted Trigger in Only Fools and Horses. In the first part of three episodes in the sitcom’s 1996 Christmas special (entitled Heroes and Villains), we see the road sweeper talk to Sid about his award.  What was to follow was one of Trigger’s greatest quotes – possibly one of the greatest cleaning quotes ever to grace our television screens.

  1. Unblocking writer’s block

You wouldn’t have thought the author of murder mystery books would have come up with some cleaning quotes.  Well, think again.  Agatha Christie claimed that washing up formed a part of her creative process as seen in this image.  The setting in the image is Stoke Gabriel village, where Agatha Christie’s house was.  Her former home, Greenway, is in the care of the National Trust.

  1. 1001: a carpet cleaning odyssey

“1001 means a big, big carpet for less than half a crown”

For our first advert clip, Cussons’ 1001 cleaner enabled households to clean their carpets affordably.  It was launched in the 1940s as a product which (it claimed) has 1,001 uses.  By the 1960s, it carpet cleaning abilities were extolled in the clip seen above.  Since 2004, the 1001 brand has owned by the makers of WD-40.

  1. How self discovery applies to vacuuming

Though not a cleaning quote, Mahatma Gandhi’s quote is applicable to the fact we provide a service.  In our case, this means hiring industrial vacuum cleaners.  It also means impartial advice and professional services.

Any more cleaning quotes?

You can either add a few more to the list, or you could let us do a quote.  For one of our quotes, why not discuss your requirements over the ‘phone on 01744 633738, or by email us on info@cleanhire.co.uk.  We shall be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

Clean Hire, 06 June 2016

A feast of vacuum cleaner video clips

Vacuum Cleaner Video Clips image.
Spring cleaning? Our selection of vacuum cleaner video clips should provide some inspiration. Image by Voyagerix/Shutterstock.

You’ve got to love YouTube. It is a dependable source for cat videos, 1980s music clips, and tracking down obscure sitcoms of questionable quality. On the odd occasions when Clean Hire has too much time on their hands, it’s a chance to look at full-frontal images of vacuum cleaners (You’re fired! – Ed). Before you is a selection of vacuum cleaner video clips. Some of which include images of Hoover Juniors and Henrys in full flow. In some cases, images of vacuum cleaners have been disguised to protect innocent parties, leaving you to enjoy their roar, whine, and growl. Continue reading “Vacuum Cleaner Video Clips”

A look at Numatic’s iconic Henry vacuum cleaner

Numatic International's iconic Henry vacuum cleaner.
Iconic: Numatic International’s Henry vacuum cleaner.

It is often said that Britain has no manufacturing industry to speak of. Most of our cars are in foreign hands though some of them are produced on our own shores. The railways, Association Football, and cricket, have been exported far and wide and improved upon outside our island. If you say our manufacturing output sucks, this could be true of Numatic’s products in another sense. In this case, we refer to Henry, the first of a series of iconic vacuum cleaners manufactured and created by Numatic. Continue reading “Iconic Vacuum Cleaners: the Henry HVR200”

Introducing Tennant’s battery powered sweeper-scrubber

Energy Efficient: the battery powered Tennant M17 sweeper-scrubber. Image courtesy of Tennant/BusinessWire.
Energy Efficient: the battery-powered Tennant M17 sweeper-scrubber. Image courtesy of Tennant/BusinessWire.

With the power of standard petrol-driven ride-on sweeper-scrubbers, Tennant’s latest addition to the fold is the revolutionary M17. Their latest sweeper-scrubber is a battery powered one with greater energy efficiency than its predecessors. As a fume-free model, the Tennant M17 is a boon for large indoor spaces, which ensures clean air in the workplace and public buildings.

The Tennant M17 comes with a number of features that improve upon its predecessors. This include:

  • The Pro-PanelTM touch screen interface;
  • ec-H2OTM Technology with Severe EnvironmentTM switch: energy efficient detergent-free cleaning;
  • DFSTM (Dual Force Sweeping) technology: dual counter-rotating brushes, designed to capture large and small debris in a single pass.

The Pro-Panel screen is more intelligent than your usual display. Instead of a multitude of controls, everything is on an easy-to-use control panel. There are programmable Zone Settings which enable you to clean efficiently. With the Pro-ID setting, you can program the M17 to the skill levels of each operative (like permitting access rights to certain programs). There is also 28 different language options.

If you wish to clean efficiently, Tennant M17’s bristle power makes that possible, thanks to ec-H2OTM Technology, with its Severe Environment switch. The battery powered M17, whilst in this mode, can clean any floor with a single pass – without detergent. With ec-H2OTM technology, a single tank of water can last three times as long as sweeper-scrubbers.

As well as the digital wizardry, the battery powered sweeper-scrubber’s piece de resistance is its Dual Force Sweeping technology. Its dual counter-rotating brushes can pick up the largest and smallest of particles with ease.

The Tennant M17 is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is designed for cleaning:

  • Car parks, garages, and forecourts;
  • Warehouses, factories, aircraft hangers and exhibition halls;
  • Bus, coach and railway stations.

Contact us here – and as soon as Clean Hire offer the Tennant M17 battery powered sweeper-scrubbers, you’ll be the first to know on our website under the machines section.

Clean Hire, 29 March 2016.

Unusual cleaning themed museums around the world

A future vacuum cleaner museum piece?
It may look prosaic in today’s eyes, but the rise of robotic vacs could see cylinder vacuums become future vacuum cleaner museum pieces. Image by Dmitri Ma/Shutterstock.

One of the greatest things about human nature is our quest for the absurd. Sometimes we can spot the wonky plug socket from a glut of straight ones or pick up a stray staple from a patterned carpet. Hunter Davies’ book, Behind the Scenes at the Museum of Baked Beans, celebrates this with a chapter per unusual museum. For example, the British Lawnmower Museum in Southport has one. This in part has inspired today’s post, owing to the lack of a vacuum cleaner museum in Mr. Davies’ book. Continue reading “A Night at the Vacuum Cleaner Museum”

Boeing pilots self-cleaning toilets, using Far Ultraviolet light

Not one of Boeing's self-cleaning toilets, only a bog-standard one in Business Class.
Not one of Boeing’s self-cleaning toilets, only a bog-standard one in Business Class on a Boeing 777.

The aeroplane toilet. A much-maligned species of the lavatorial pecking order. Like its cousin seen on trains and coaches, it is territory that Standard Class passengers deign to avoid if possible. Scaring claustrophobes witless since 1928, the aeroplane toilet has never been noted for its spaciousness. If in a dirty state, an already unpleasant experience made worse. Boeing might have the answer. In the testing stage is the next generation of airborne conveniences – self-cleaning toilets. Continue reading “Self-Cleaning Toilets Cleared for Take Off”

Floor sweeping machines and their role in cleanliness

Cutaway view of one of Tennant's M20 floor sweeping machines.
A cutaway view of the Tennant M20 Floor Scrubber Sweeper. Among the most state-of-the-art floor sweeping machines we have at Clean Hire.

Imagine it’s four o’clock in the morning, at a typical British mainline station. Its concourse, quiet, awaits a surge of passengers heading off to work. The only time to clean its concourse and platforms would be the small hours when many people have gone to bed. This is where industrial floor sweeping machines come to the fore. Continue reading “The Benefits of Floor Sweeping Machines”

Clean Hire looks at railway carriage cleaning practices

The wonders of carriage cleaning on an Arriva Trains Wales Class 150
A nice clean train: the wonders of carriage cleaning on an Arriva Trains Wales Class 150 Sprinter train. Image by Peter Skuce, 2009 (Public Domain).

Many of us pay a princely sum for our season tickets each month or year.  Among our biggest complaints besides punctuality, reliability and overcrowding is cleanliness.  Or the lack of it, such as dirty seats and blocked toilets.  Of great importance to the operation of our rail network, is carriage cleaning. Continue reading “Carriage Cleaning: How Clean Is Your Train?”

Dusty roads set for clean sweep

Industrial vacuums in action, as seen in Washington DC.
The future Delhi dust buster? Industrial vacuums like this one in Washington DC could be seen on the streets of the Indian city. Photograph by Elvert Barnes (Creative Commons License: Attribution – Share Alike).

Rising pollution in the streets of Delhi is a bone of contention for government officials and road users alike. The Delhi government has tried to clean the city’s streets with mechanical sweepers, but they were tested by its dusty roads. In December of last year, the Delhi government have considered industrial vacuums as a solution. Continue reading “Industrial Vacuums Set for Delhi Streets”

LG vacuum cleaner uses smartphone pairing to clean floors

CES 2012 - LG HOM-BOT robot vacuum cleaner (6764015169)
Predecessor: an earlier version of the LG Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner, seen at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Image by Pop Culture Geek, 2012 (Creative Commons License).
Today’s vacuum cleaners have come a long way since the Dyson, let alone the Hoover Junior.  Miniaturisation has seen today’s smaller models perform the task of bigger brothers with ease.  Some of which are wireless and clean floors through sensing technologies.  Revealed at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is LG’s addition to the fold. Continue reading “LG’s New Vacuum Cleaner and Security Device”