Street Sweeper Makes a Sweeping Statement

Accrington street sweeper CCTV footage sees employee failing to sweep part of a street, with the video going viral

The phrase “a funny way to hand in your notice” could well have been tailor made for this street sweeper in Accrington.  In the video clip seen from the link below, we see the street sweeper ignoring a pile of rubbish on the left hand side pavement on Bath Street.

The video clip hadn’t only attracted the attention of the Accrington Observer.  As above, it was later seen on the Daily Mirror’s website.  Yesterday [25 January], it was shown on BBC One, on North West Tonight.

In the end, residents picked up the refuse, in an operation that required twelve bin bags.  Had the bags been left uncollected, they would have trudged to Hyndburn Borough Council’s offices with the dozen bags in tow.

Hyndburn Borough Council has apologised saying the street sweeping wasn’t to its usual high standard.  A spokesperson for the local authority said: “Obviously the mechanical sweeping in Bath Street was not up to the usual high standard and of course we will be speaking with the driver and taking any appropriate action in due course.

“We would like to apologise and thank the resident who assisted in litter picking the footpath.”