Laundrapp: A New Spin on Washdays

Revolutionary new app set to transform washdays

Say goodbye to launderettes with Laundrapp.
Convenient: Laundrapp could make trips to the launderette a thing of the past.

In the beginning, we cleaned our clothes in fast-flowing streams and rivers. Then we got clever and opened laundries. Some were palatial washhouses in towns and cities, with industrial size washing machines and dryers. Then came coin-operated launderettes, a feature of many a suburban shopping street. Subsequently, washing machines bought on the ‘never never’ became a feature in many homes. Taking us full circle (almost) is Laundrapp, a new mobile app which enables you to ‘outsource’ your wash days.

All you need to do is choose a suitable slot. Then, Laundrapp puts you through to a participating dry cleaners’ shop or a launderette in your locality. They will pick up, clean, and return your garments within 48 hours. You can check the progress of your clean in the same way you can track a parcel. The app is available to download via Google Play, Amazon Apps, and Apple’s iTunes Store.

Since its initial launch last year, Laundrapp has had more than 100,000 downloads on iOS and Android devices. The app is free to download, and laundry prices start from £2.00. So far, Laundrapp covers a select number of towns and cities, though expansion plans are in motion.

Up to now, Laundrapp covers London, Birmingham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Manchester and Wigan.

About Laundrapp

  • Who? Formed by Edward Relf, a digital entrepreneur and marketer, late of Mind Candy (of Moshi Monsters fame).
  • What? A laundry and dry cleaning app which covers principal UK cities and towns. Offers collection, cleaning, and delivery within 48 hours via local dry cleaners’ shop or launderette.
  • Target Audience: Time-pressed professionals and families.
  • Unique Selling Point: also cleans footwear.
  • Not to be confused with: Brian or Michael Laudrup, former Danish international footballers.

Laundrapp could be a useful tool for businesses as well. Whether you need any workwear washing or wish to add a dry cleaning business, it is a useful addition to your device.

Clean Hire, 17 February 2016.