The History of Industrial Floor Cleaners

Industrial Cleaning Machines For HireIndustrial floor cleaners make light work of those floors that contend with high traffic. Anybody who has tried to clean industrial flooring with traditional methods will know what a thankless task it is. Commercial or industrial floor sweepers do a much better job and what’s more, the cleaners allow for quicker drying times too so that it can be back to business as usual.

Lighter Work from the early 1900s

Before the first electric-powered floor machines emerged in the early 1900s, full-time floor cleaners had to work hard to remove oil and grease from industrial floors.The first floor machines were known as ‘divided-weight’ machines, with the weight being on the machines rear wheels.

These machines would scrub and polish in one machine. Later, when it came to keeping wooden floors gleaming, wax would be applied and then polished to a shine with a buffer. It soon became evident that these early floor cleaners were heavy and slow, but still admired for taking away the need to go down on all fours to scrub the floor.

Looking for improvements, manufacturers realised the need for more pressure on the brush for an even better scrubbing and polishing action. This is when the ‘swing’ machine emerged. There was more weight on the brush and the rear wheels of the machine lifted off the floor during use. This swing machine was destined for further improvements and soon the 175-rpm electric buffer emerged. It was during the 1950s that manufacturers brought out high-speed floor machines, allowing the user to adjust the machine so that it rotated at 175 to 350 rpm.

The Need for Smart Floor Cleaning Technology

As new paints, oils and finishes emerged, the need for ever smarter floor cleaning technology became apparent. By the 1970s, rotation speeds of up to 1,000 rpm were possible and improved floor pads were introduced to cope with these faster machines. Manufacturers have since brought out industrial floor cleaners that produce up to 2,000 rpm.

Nowadays you get a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning machines that make excellent and short work of your industrial floors. You’ll find all kinds of machines, from ride on machines to heavy-duty commercial and industrial machines that get down to scrubbing filthy floors with a combination of water and effective cleaning chemicals.

Floor cleaning machines have been researched and tried and tested, and today we have many different cleaning machines – floor sweepers, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and buffer and scrubbing machines – all ideal for removing grease and oil from the floor.

Their Efficiency Eliminates Man Power

industrial floor cleanersToday in the 21st century, industrial floor cleaners are known to be super efficient. They use less water too, allowing floors to dry quickly so that work can continue unhindered by dangerous watery floor surfaces. No more relying on many workers to get down to hard, thankless floor cleaning chores.

The emergence – and wide range of electric floor cleaners available today are designed for heavy-duty applications and they come with a host of accessories that ensure they make super short work of the most grimiest of floors.