Accrington street sweeper CCTV footage sees employee failing to sweep part of a street, with the video going viral

The phrase “a funny way to hand in your notice” could well have been tailor made for this street sweeper in Accrington.  In the video clip seen from the link below, we see the street sweeper ignoring a pile of rubbish on the left hand side pavement on Bath Street.

The video clip hadn’t only attracted the attention of the Accrington Observer.  As above, it was later seen on the Daily Mirror’s website.  Yesterday [25 January], it was shown on BBC One, on North West Tonight.

In the end, residents picked up the refuse, in an operation that required twelve bin bags.  Had the bags been left uncollected, they would have trudged to Hyndburn Borough Council’s offices with the dozen bags in tow.

Hyndburn Borough Council has apologised saying the street sweeping wasn’t to its usual high standard.  A spokesperson for the local authority said: “Obviously the mechanical sweeping in Bath Street was not up to the usual high standard and of course we will be speaking with the driver and taking any appropriate action in due course.

“We would like to apologise and thank the resident who assisted in litter picking the footpath.”

How Winbot’s robotic window cleaner has worse compatibility issues than Windows Vista ever did

Terraced house windows image by Jozef Sowa (via Shutterstock).
No Ladders Required: With these terraced houses, windows can be easily cleaned with Ecovacs’ robotic window cleaners. Or is this easier said than done? Image by Jozef Sowa (via Shutterstock).

Window cleaning can be a tedious job and a dangerous one.  Especially if you clean your own windows.  We at Clean Hire recommend hiring professional window cleaners to do your double glazing, entrance doors and the like.  What if you wish to clean your house windows?  You could always use high pressure water jets or the bucket and Windolene. Continue reading “Winbot’s Windows Compatibility Issues”

How Roomba-esque driverless scrubber sweepers could revolutionise the way we clean industrial premises

Driverless industrial cleaner
Imagine seeing one of these, in driverless form. Image by LizavetaS (via Shutterstock).

Over the last fifty years, automation has led to the arrival of driverless trains, cars, and robotic vacuum cleaners. The most famous one of the latter is the Roomba which has become a de facto standard for the automated vacuum cleaner niche. Shortly before Christmas, Nilfisk have launched an industrial equivalent to the Roomba. Enter the Advance Liberty A50 autonomous scrubber.

The A50 is the first of a new generation of autonomous industrial cleaners. This is Nilfisk’s entry into the driverless cleaner market. Like the Roomba, it uses cameras, lasers, and robotic sensors to negotiate floors and edges. Unlike the Roomba, you can switch between automatic and manual controls. Whether you wish to take control or have a rest, the Advance Liberty A50 allows for both options. This video demonstrates its uses in both guises.

The driverless cleaner was tested at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North American Tradeshow and Conference. This took place on the 26 – 28 October 2016 at McCormick Place, in Chicago.

Joint Venture

The Advance Liberty A50 is a joint venture between Nilfisk and Carnegie Robotics LLC. Nilfisk are a leading name in the design and manufacture of industrial cleaning products. The driverless scrubber sweeper is the first product to be launched under the company’s Horizon Program.

Carnegie Robotics LLC specialise in the creation of advanced robotic sensors and platforms for a number of applications. These include agriculture, defence, and extractive industries.

Would you want a driverless sweeper scrubber?

One major selling point is its ability to switch from automatic to manual modes. Where industrial premises need to be cleaned overnight, the Advance Liberty A50’s automatic mode comes into its own.

Would we buy one? Its dual modes make for maximum flexibility, so it could be a possible “yes”.