Cornish resort offers the best toilet cleaner job in Britain, though with few takers

St Ives toilet cleaner post image
St. Ives, Cornwall: home of the most scenic toilet cleaning job?

St. Ives is one of Cornwall’s most popular holiday resorts.  It is noted for its bustling narrow streets, its bohemian atmosphere, the Tate Gallery, and surfing.  It has numerous day trippers with the resort coming into its own in the summertime.  Some people love the place so much, that they plan to move there.  The same couldn’t be said for people wishing to clean toilets.  In fact, St. Ives Town Council have had problems with finding three toilet cleaners for their town.

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A compendium of window cleaner centred mishaps

Window Cleaner Emoji image by Christos Georghiou (via Shutterstock).
Window Cleaner Emoji image by Christos Georghiou (via Shutterstock).

We have only just passed the halfway point of 2016, and this year is probably the most tumultuous in living memory.  Iconic singers have passed away.  There has been a lot of bad feeling on these shores and overseas. As for laughter, somewhat lacking.  Hence our latest post, which is entitled “It Shouldn’t Happen to a Window Cleaner.” Continue reading “It Shouldn’t Happen to a Window Cleaner”

A look at the Bristol-based company who uses vegan-friendly cleaning products

Bristol Temple Meads station by Ariadna De Raadt (via Shutterstock).
Bristol Temple Meads station. Image by Ariadna De Raadt (via Shutterstock).

Households and businesses alike have expressed concerns about the environmental impact of their cleaning products.  They wonder if the bleach or multi-purpose cleaner they have used will pollute the seas or give off noxious fumes.  In a previous post of ours, we mentioned how S.C. Johnson have decided to disclose all the ‘ingredients’ in their products.  Recently, we have learned about a cleaning company who have opted for vegan-friendly products.  If you live in Bristol, Bath or Cardiff, a company known as Gleem does just that.

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A selection of suction sycophants: in other words, vacuum cleaner enthusiasts and popular cultural icons

Suction sycophant image by Ljupco Smokovski (via Shutterstock).
Image by Ljupco Smokovski (via Shutterstock).

We at Clean Hire not only hire a number of industrial vacuum cleaners.  We are also passionate about vacuum cleaners and other cleaning products.  It is our life, our raison d’etre – our reason for being in plain English terms.  Needless to say, we salute like-minded people with a great interest in vacuum cleaners.  Suction sycophants if you prefer.

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